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  1. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Minnesota is pullin' for you guys. You know what to do. There are a bunch of us that wish we were there with you. Can't wait to read the TR!
  2. TR: On the Web Photos: Short version: http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures.html?id=2104106490 Image station photos It is a bit long, but it could have been longer. Ejnoy. -Isaac
  3. True, true, can't forget the Frosty! Unfortunatley, the frosty doesn't compress well, and we didn't have much room in the packs... that and it would have gone from a frosty to a soupy. We did have one after we got out- they work wonders on sun\wind burned lips!
  4. better late than never... right?
  5. Liberty Ridge 6/8/06

    Way to go!
  6. Lost: MSR XGK EX

    In the parking lot at Ipsut Creek. April 4th. Was not there on the 10th when we got back. I thought I put it in my pack, but it some how was not there when I went for it. I should have posted sooner, but I spaced it. Now it is a shot in the dark, but the dark is much brighter (and louder) with a stove burning. Thanks -Isaac
  7. Lost: MSR XGK EX

    got it, thanks!
  8. [TR] Mt Rainier- Liberty Ridge 4/28/2006

    Great climb and ski! Sub 24 hours is totally respectable. I really wish we could have cut a few days out of our summit a month ago. The snow conditions would have been perfect then, with out the icy section. I kept thinking- if I only had my snowboard and the balls/skill to ride down... "I must have been a bit hypoxic, because at the last minute I stupidly changed my mind and decided to follow what looked like some steps leading left. Casey asked from below, "Does it go?"" Yes, it goes, but in two shorish pitches at about WI 3ish with some short 80-90 degree steps. I can't think of trying to do that section with skiis strapped to the pack. Again, great job!
  9. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a special request for some special people on this board. I need a few photos of the LR- specifically Liberty Cap- to determine the conditions of the headwall/bergschrund. I will be out there in about 2 weeks and I have all the gear sorted except for the quantity of ice screws. I am trying to find out the conditions to see if I will be leading WI 4 or WI 2ish. If anyone is in the area and can shoot some high res pics, I would greatly appreciate it! You can email the photos to: aliveandliving at hotmail.com Thanks!
  10. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    We are working up a TR and should have it done within the week, let me know any specific questions and I will try to answer them. This was an amazing route and it was beautiful to have it all to our selves. I always love watching the sun rise from above the clouds! The conditions were varied. Powder snow, alpine ice, styrofoam, wet snow, sunburn, moonlight, wind, no wind- we got it all! Most of the route was knee to mid thigh deep powder with a firm base. Occasionally it was waist deep. We took a direct finish on the cap and that was about 20 meters of WI 2-3 and then one about a 10-15 15 meter WI 4ish.
  11. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    Anyone want to know what the view looks like from the top in April?
  12. Combined Mt Rainier links weather/conditions

    New link for Paradise Cam facing Rainier Paradise Web Cam
  13. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    as always, weight is a concern. So far, I have lost 13lbs for this trip. I could probably loose about 3-5 more, but I figure it will be gone by the time I get back We are each taking one luxury item. Mine is a mini-DV camcorder... I know, I know, it is heavy, etc... but that is why you call it a luxury item. As far as other stuff goes, I think we have a successful balance of necessities and light weight. I'll let you know how the trip goes when I return! Thanks for all your input.
  14. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    Faster- thanks for your bit of confidence~ I would not say that it is obsessing more that it is carrying extra gear. I though this board existed for this purpose- finding out route info. Wouldn't you want a recent photo of a route if you could get one? If I heard that it looked really icy, I would go accordingly, but since it looks like a bunch of snow- we will go accordingly.
  15. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    Thanks, I searched the TR index and got some great information. Sky- could you email me the full resolution photo? aliveandlivng at hotmail.com
  16. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    What, no video just kidding. Thanks for the additional photos. That gives me a better idea. I am trying to figure out how much ice we will be traveling over, but it sound like it will be primarily snow (which is what we thought and were planning on, I just wanted to make sure) John, those photos are some of the best I have seen on the net. Thanks for showing me that post. I tried searching back through the years looking for April-ish climbs, but there have not been many (that I found) Thanks again!
  17. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    So, no new pictures of the ridge? I've gotta believe that someone is going up there... Well, worst case, you guys will get some good photos from when we return! I've got just under two weeks, so if you are plannign on going up there, PLEASE shoot some pics of the ridge Thanks!
  18. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    Perfect! Us midwestern boys love to wallow in snow! The approach should be a ton of fun, but it is a necessary evil. I will post a lengthy TR when I return
  19. Combined Mt Rainier links weather/conditions

    Thanks, I just noticed that...
  20. Combined Mt Rainier links weather/conditions

    There is also a web cam from Seattle pointing at Rainier here: Nordwand Cam Depending on the weather, you can see the north side of the mountain.
  21. Mt. Rainier Liberty Ridge

    LOL. Yeah, that did not go through... I guess we will be hiking in. but you gave me an idea... Ok, so I called the helicopter operators and asked them that if they do any tours of Rainier to please email me some photos. At this point, they don't have any scheduled flights between now and when I leave. So, again, if you are in the vacinity, please take some photos and send them my way!
  22. Ptarmigan next weekend

    Hey, good luck with your climb! If you get a chance, check out the Liberty Ridge. I will be there in about a month. Sounds like you have a great climb planned. Have fun and stay warm-ish.