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  1. Bellingham Locals

    I've been going to school at Western up in Bellingham the past three months and it's been tough trying to stay in shape for climbing. I'm gonna get one day up at 32 and four days at leavenworth this next week for spring break but I'm looking for people to get out with when this next quarter starts in a couple weeks. I'm down for pretty much anywhere: index, leavenworth, gold bar, squamish. it has to be on weekends since I'm i school but I'm pretty sure I don't have class on fridays spring quarter so we could head out early fridays. hit me up. sean
  2. Need your help - New gym in the Ham

    Hey MoonRover, I met you earlier this year and I would love to assist you with your new gym effort. bham is long overdue for a legit climbing gym and honestly I'm surprised that vertical world hasn't laid stakes on it yet. There are two climbing opportunities in bham but like many others have stated, there both crap. There are many college students who climb @ WWU, but only because that's their only option. And the Y is good for running laps on the big wall but other than that both the walls and the route setting sucks at both. I've worked at Edgeworks in Tacoma as a route setter and have climbed at many gyms across the country, and the most important thing to focus on in a new gym is wall design (best use of area, and varying this area to best suit your clients needs), hold selection, route setting, and location. Of course there are other factors involved, but these are most important in my opinion as they are the product your are selling to your clients. I would love to stay in the loop about how things are progressing so please keep us up to date. Cheers. Sean
  3. ride to leavenworth

    I'm looking to catch a ride to Leavenworth the 5th or 6th from Bellingham. I'll probably bring a pad and boulder around all weekend but I'm willing to partner up for some trad or sport as well. Even if your just passing through Leavenworth I just need a ride there, not back.
  4. Bellingham Locals

    Someone told me about Rosario a while ago but I have no idea where it is. I remember him saying that the climbing is really close to the parking. Can someone hook me up on how to get there from Bellingham?
  5. Bellingham Locals

    yeah I've been to Larabee and sehnome arboretum, but as cool of a town as bellingham is the climbing sucks. I mean squamish is sick and there's index and leavenworth down the way but I'm without a car until next school year so my options are limited. next year though I plan to make a minivan my home so I will definitely be truckin' up to squamish when the weather abides.
  6. Bellingham Locals

    Does anyone get up to Cheakamus? Looks like a really cool spot with plenty .11's and .12's to keep me busy.
  7. Bellingham Locals

    well I'm going to be home in puyallup fife area so 32 is the closet while I'm home. plus I'm psyched to get a day or two up there during break cause I have a project I'm hoping to do. What's up at Erie and how far is it from Bham? I'm down to check it out when I get back from spring break. gonna be in leavenworth for a few days! Blake, where do you usually climb? I'm serious about getting out a bunch this next quarter so lets make it happen.
  8. 32 or 38? you decide

    alright so I've heard a lot of peoples opinions on which is better exit 32 or exit 38. I haven't been to either, but I hope to be up that way a bunch as soon as I build my arc and servive god's rath of rain . anyway just wanted to hear what you guys thought. ready go.
  9. gold bar regulars

    I've been going up to gold bar this past year and I'm super stoked on it's potential. I've seen a few climbers here and there climbing and I wanted to try and get in touch with any locals who climb up there regulary. I plan on hanging out there a lot over the spring and summer and It would be nice to meet some others who are putting stuff up, up there. I might be up there this saturday. if you're interested pm me and maybe we can hook up. cheers!
  10. need info on bishop in feb.

    I have the 16th-20th of FEb. off from school so I thinking about headin down to bishop if I can find some people who want to go. I'm curious about the weather though. I need some input from people who are somewhat familiar with the area. also if anyone lives in the tacoma/seattle area and wants to boulder hard and have a fun weekend let me know if you'd be interested in going and we could get together.
  11. The Optimists?

    what it comes down to is most of you guys on this board (not all but most) have nothing better to do than put down other people's accomplishments. there's nothing wrong with aiding at all but when someone free's something, bolted or not, the person who aided it should give it up to that person because he climbed it in a better style. I agree that it's obviously better to use passive pro than drill if possible but you can't get pissed about every bolted climb you see. sport climbing is a major part of this sport and like it or not that's just the way it is. If I were u guys I would stop wasting my time bitching and go out and enjoy climbing however you see fit. cheers
  12. need info on bishop in feb.

    what'r u talkin about man? 45 degrees is sending temps. thanks for the advice though.
  13. Utan in Feb?

    so I have a long weekend off from school from Feb 16th-20th and I was thinking of making a trip over to Utah to do some bouldering. I was thinking either little cottonwood or joes valley or one of the many other bouldering spots. what I was wondering was how is the weather in some of these places that time of year and if a trip would even be worth it. anyone has any suggestion or info I would really appriciate it. thanks.
  14. Utan in Feb?

    I was also considering headin down to bishop which I might have to do it sounds like. I know bishops season is in now so it should be as bad. anyone who's been down there have any beta on weather and where to go/not go, etc?
  15. Utan in Feb?

    yeah that's kinda what I'm wondering about. I've only driven through utah a few times so I'm not sure what areas are "high desert" and what areas would be low enough to climb at.
  16. brand new snowboard

    I recently won a snowboard from the climbing comp down at the Circuit Bouldering Gym in Portland and I'm thinking of selling it. It's brand new hasn't been used; heck barely even touched. It was made by burton but was sponsored by Glaceau who makes vitamin water, there for it has there logo and designs on it. the size is 158.5 cm. very nice board. I'm asking $500.00 for it since it's extremely limited OBO. please let me know if you have any questions. sean
  17. Zeke's area in Goldbar

    Hey just curious if anyone has invested anytime in checking it out. It's just a ways before Index. I happened upon it this last weekend on a site and it sounded interesting. although I'm unsure of the access I think I'm gonna go check it out this wednesday cause I have the day off. also if anyone has any additional information on how to get there because my info is minimal. alright thanks guys.
  18. Zeke's area in Goldbar

    thanks man appriciate it.
  19. Suggested Routes at Vantage

    hey speakin of vantage, I haven't climbed there yet but wanted to hit it up for a couple of days before memorial day weekend. I'm going to sasquatch that saturday and sunday so might as well do some climbing while I'm at it. I'm working on getting people from edgeworks gym to go but if anyone has any interest in hitting it up with a few of us hit me up. happy climbing!
  20. Looking for regular climbing partner

    I might be down. I too reside in Puyallup and frequent Edgworks climbing gym. let me know. I started climbing in November and I had my first lead outdoors about a month ago. I'm salivating to get outside as much as humanly possible so hit me up if your interested.
  21. i am so suck

    yeah some people lack in some areas while others excell. don't take it too bad.
  22. rack opinions?

    hey all. I'm in the process of building a rack to use this summer so I can learn trad climbing. I just started climbing consistantly last november so I don't have a whole lot of outdoor experience but I'm familiar with most climbing equiptment. anyway I wanted to get some perspective on what you guys are luggin around the crags, and what I could do without for now.
  23. rack opinions?

    you guys have mentioned quite a few sales goin on but I work at REI so I think my discount will pretty much keep me buying from there but thanks for the suggestions.
  24. rack opinions?

    well alex your help is appriciated but seeing as how I asked about building a rack, not bolting routes, that was pretty much no help whatsoever.
  25. rack opinions?

    it's probably good to carry at least one nut of each size, for the most part, because above all there fairly cheap. but as far as cams what sizes I'm I more likely to put to use(I live in Puyallup so my climbing endevors will mostly take place at exit 32 and 38, vantage, Levenworth, ect). I am buying camalots one at a time as time permits and have a .5 so far. I just want to buy what I need most for now.