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  1. [TR] Index - Rattle Tale 5/6/2007

    I have been trying to find a guide book or some websites with some information on climbs on the Goat Rocks area outside Mazama - do you have any suggestions where I can find any of this? Thanks.
  2. Update on North Cascades Highway Opening

    Just crossed the North Cascades today - the road is totally clear (we were on a motorcycle) but there is still a fair amount of snow at the top of Rainy & Washington passes. Lots of people skiing still - unfortunately mine were at home.
  3. Just curious if anyone knows the conditions for ice at Alpental or over in the Vantage area. I would love to get an update if someone goes on Saturday since I can't get out until Sunday.
  4. Just curious if anyone knows the conditions for ice at Alpental or over in the Vantage area. I would love to get an update if someone goes on Saturday since I can't get out until Sunday.
  5. H**d Aftermath..

    I think the media is using the incident on Mt Hood as a way to get the general public to support more rules & regulations. It is a good distraction from other sources of government waste, when reality the cost of climber rescues is minimal in comparison. More rules / fees & permits will limit the use of our recreation areas to those with high incomes, not necessarily appropriate skills. It is already bad enough with permits in some counties that you almost need a permit to change a light bulb in your house. I don't think that is the direction we want to send our recreational areas.
  6. Crag Pack Suggestions?

    I have carried haul bags around, and everytime after the trip I have been so uncomfortable I swore I would just buy a cheap pack & let it be torn to shreds & throw it out after 1 trip rather than go through the discomfort of carrying the haul bag. My partner did not hate it as much as I did, but he was a 5'10" male with a pretty muscular build, and I am a 5'6" female that felt like I was carrying way too much. They hold up great, but are an ergonimic nightmare to carry. I use an Arcteryx roll top bag - not perfect but it is pretty comfortable for my size.
  7. Health Insurance

    You probably will not find any better than that - even for a catastrophic plan. I get insurance off & on from my employer & frequently go through this, and COBRA coverage is generall $350-$400 / month. I have an insurance broker I have used who has been great about simplifying & getting me what I need for coverage. It is Harman Benefit Group & the number is 253-445-0110. Tell her you got the number from Wendy & she is great about getting things set up.
  8. [TR] Half Dome, Yosemite- Regular NW Face 6/21/2006

    glad you guys got to pull it off - i was there a couple summers ago & we had to bail off the wall from thunder & lightening - with everything soaked by the time we got down. regardless it is a beautiful climb from the base on up.
  9. Sun Pro

    Many sun screens for the face work well for the hands without being greasy. It will help with pigmentation changes from the sun, but the location of skin cancer is not necessarily in the areas exposed to the sun. You can also acquire it on places that have never seen the sun. Malignant melanoma is only a small portion of skin cancers. There are lots of pictures of what basal cell carcinoma & squamous cell carcinoma look like on www.dermatlas.com, although they are best checked by a dermatologist.
  10. FS--REDUCEDWild Things Bivy, Forty Below Overboots *DELETED*

    Do you still have the bivy sac & what kind of condition is it in?
  11. FS: New Marmot CWM -40* Sleeping Bag

    If you could send a picture that would be great. What form of payment would you take - paypal?
  12. FS: New Marmot CWM -40* Sleeping Bag

    Do you still have the bag? Is it long length or regular, and will you ship it to Washington?
  13. Spontaneous Partner Needed

    If you are down a litle further south in Washington at some point I'd be interested. Send a pm if something comes up.
  14. need cams reslung; who does a good job?

    A friend sent them in to Metolius by mail & was really pleased with them.
  15. Sex while climbing?

    If you cannot figure out how to do that with your harness on & climbing you don't deserve to get any!