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  1. Hello! I am seeking a permit to "climb" Mt. St. Helens for September 30. If you have one that you are not going to use, PLEASE let me buy it from you! Willing to pay TOP dollar! Let me know via this forum, or e-mail (sarahdaniels10@yahoo.com) Thanks!
  2. G. Teton - mixed - July

    Black Ice Couloir is now the Black Dirt Couloir. Talk to the ranger, but it started shrinking years ago and finally didn't form up in the past few years. NE Ice Couloir of the Middle Teton is sweet and still forms. Middle Teton Glacier is probably a bit less steep and less committing. A personal favorite that you will likely not find people on are the SW Chutes of Teewinot. A snow route, not ice. Spoon couloir on Disappointment is a fun warmup.
  3. Baker Access

    My wife and I were going to head up the Easton Saturday or Sunday. According to this: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/conditions/road_conditions_report.shtml the road to Schreiber's Meadow is snowy, but passable. Maybe we'll see you.
  4. Join for Rainier climb in Jan.

    I'm game for winter ascents of Rainier, Baker, Adams, Hood or others. Would like to get together to have a beer to discuss style, schedule before a weather window opens so that we can go when it does. PM me or reply if you're interested. Chris