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  1. Colbert on the rampage!

    the entire presentation, link copied from wikipedia article on Colbert: http://www.etherkillers.com/files/colbert.speech.wh.correspondents.dinner.avi
  2. Another avalanche fatality at Baker

    I was in the area today. there were several avalanche tracks off Herman (and off the table, and off the cornices near artist point, etc... sketchy terrain this weekend). remembering tuesday's news and looking at these tracks was very sad. one additional factor - baker is open on fri-sat-sun only until the end of april. the rescue must have been additionally difficult because there were no mt baker personnel taht day to call upon. remember, there are two chairlifts nearby, as well as a first aid cabin.
  3. 29999 forever

    One post away from dirty-30

    you need a break. Come to Canada. Turn on any radio station, and you will hear: Sleep Country, Canada Why buy a mattress anywhere else?
  5. Grammy Winners

    Polka Album: "Shake, Rattle and Polka!" Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra. there's a Grammy for polka albums ?!?!
  6. Hot Springs suggestions in BC

    dalius, it looks like you had a terrific time in Tofino!! Did you take any photos??
  7. How to get a teenage kid of the couch?

    How old is Alex?
  8. Exped Orion Extreme 4-season mountaineering 2-pers

    Thanks guys! alakso, that was the only tent by Exped that they had in store. The person manning the tent 'floor' of the store didn't know very much about the Exped tent, this is why I ask. and thank you, fishstick, for your endorsement of the Sirius - great to hear that it's holding up well. In particular, I hope to find someone on this board who has this tent and has used it for a while. My Google-fu is failing me, all I find are ebay links and other commercial links - but no reviews or comments from users. My one-person tent is the Hilleberg Akto, and I'm very happy with it. I noticed that some of the construction details in the Exped tent were similar to the Hilleberg's.
  9. does anyone here have this tent? During this week's Boxing Day sales, we were looking at this tent, and it appears rather impressive - roomy, relatively light, airy, not overly expensive either. I would like to hear your informed thoughts, opinions and experiences with this tent. It's not an overly popular tent (there is only one store in Vancouver that sells it - that I know of) but the specs certainly appear impressive. Thank you - CWall
  10. most ridiculous photo of yourself....

    which one are you??
  11. for Knotzen

    Well done Muffy - congratulations on getting there, and on keeping your weight down (which is a much harder job)
  12. Tin Foil Helmets Ineffective - MIT Media Lab

    hotdamn, sobo, I was worried about this! I was wearing my SPRAY-protection tinfoil hat last week - musta been why I missed this
  13. Tin Foil Helmets Ineffective - MIT Media Lab

    On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/
  14. Another music thread

    One of the former members of Soft Machine, Karl Jenkins, wrote the famous 'Diamonds' jingle for deBeers.
  15. An API put to otherworldly use: http://www.ufomaps.com/ And here's an article with many more Google Maps mashups (sites muggings, hot springs, taco joints, real estate prices etc) http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/20/technology/circuits/20maps.html (free read, but registration required)