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  1. I live in near Stielacoom. I need to be home early afternoon so will be leaving early- jamesmclin@hotmail.com
  2. Newbie but no stranger to a "gut check"

    no, not 2%'ers, just people who have suffered on arduous treks enough times to not be daunted by the physicality of it all man, moose drool is a tasty brew
  3. Newbie but no stranger to a "gut check"

    term I picked up back when I had to do hard stuff for a living running a marathon is a "gut check" if you're in relatively decent shape, anyone can finish a marathon, just, do you have the "guts" to not quit so it goes... Camp Muir, pretty easy, but I hear that making the Summit will require you to "check" if you got the "guts" to do it- ergo 'gut check'
  4. I am hiking from paradise to muir this weekend don't need a partner, but will take one... Do need a partner for summit attempt the weekend after I don't no all I need to know about this- like do 'don't they make standby permits available'? yadda yadda I have a vehicle and gas from I-5 exit 122 to 512 to 7 and on Rain or shine jamesmclin@hotmail.com
  5. Yesterday I put my 30lb son in a backpack and carried him almost all the way to Camp Muir, the weather was kind- lots of helicopters gathering water in giant buckets. I am going to climb roundtrip to Muir this weekend, sans 30lb human. Would like a partner- newbie or not, don't matter though, I'm doin it anyway just thought I'd through out the rain or shine invite (did I miss national speak pirate day? arrgh). Oh.. This is a train up for a summit attempt on the weekend of the 24th, will be looking for a partner on that one also. and likely post some mor ?'s cuz enchiladas are done
  6. Muir and a jogging stroller

    guess I'll pack him in and bring a leash but I'll check with NPS 1st, maybe lock the stroller at Panorama and... well you get the picture Thanks
  7. Muir and a jogging stroller

    How close to Muir from Paradise can I get pushing a joggging stroller (in %'s please)? You see, I was thinking at only 10k it would be a fun little hike for me and my toddler, am I totally insane you ask, probably, go read a book, you suggest, not that interested say I, so how about it? Any real advice? would be appreciated Tree