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  1. Gear For Sale! Located in Bellingham, everything listed is clean, bright, and alright!

    SCARPA Freney XT Boots (43M)

    Great boot for Ice/Mixed/Alpine.  Very precise, very good condition, plenty of miles left on them.  



    $100 $60!! ($20 S&H)

    Patagonia Mixmaster Pants (32M)

    Comfy pants for Alpine pursuits.  Good condition, home-made stirrups, no crampon tears, but small repair on outside of lower right leg.


    $100 $50!! ($10 S&H)

    Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

    Mint condition.


    $30 $20 (Free Shipping!!)


  2. Drew:  Where was your first picture taken?  It looks like a road or tracks down near the shoreline...

    Follow Up Question: In your experience, how much of the recent increase (seemingly) in mass wasting do you feel can be directly attributed to climate change?


  3. I remember a similar thing a bunch of years ago, on Nanga Parpat’s Rupal Face. 

    I watched this one play out for the last week or so, on mountain.ru. I also figured he was a goner, bur still held out hope, until late last night.  I got chills down my spine when they posted: “Saved!”

    Russian climbers are hard dudes, though, so I am not too surprised. They almost summited, again, this was their second attempt. His partner fell with most of their gear. F#ck that!

  4. Todd "Kabob" fell descending the N Slope of N Twin Sister, solo, got impaled by his ice axe, rode his bike out, drove to the Welcome Store on SR542, and collapsed and almost bled to death on the floor in front of the horrified cashier.  He didn't really know what had happened to himself (in shock and all).  Point with that is that the N Slope descent can be steep and tricky under certain conditions.  I think it is six miles in from the gate to the start of the West Rdige.

  5. Super Heroes take risks.  Normal people do not.  That's what makes Super Heroes Super Heroes and not normal people.  "Superman" is not called "Normal Man"  for a reason: Normal Man is fucking boring.

    Everyone is agog at Honnold, for whatever reason, from "He's amazing!" to "He's going to kill himself!".

    Replace "Alex" with "Superman" and it all makes sense. 

    "Superman! You shouldn't have taken such incredible risks to save Lois!" But he did, and he lived, and he's a hero.  Until he dies and then he's dead and everyone can go on and on about how he was taking too many risks and that she wasn't worth it.

    He does love her, though...

    Perhaps an innate human tendency to have intense feelings towards risk takers. Not selected for, in the evolutionary sense.

  6. I have to say, I thought at the time that that JBerg ascent was a shitty idea.  Still do.  Too much objective hazard.  Who am I to judge, though?  They wanted to go that way and they did.  

    Friends and family get to deal with the grief.

    I think more and more these days that participants in "Adventure Sports" are self-serving and often selfish thrill seekers, myself included, who rationalize what they do in whatever way makes them feel best, damn anyone else.  Die doing something dangerous and the rest of the adherents hold you up as "ballsy" or whatever.  No grieving parent wants to hear how ballsy their child was, no grieving partner can heal their broken heart and try to put their life back together knowing how sick your ascents were. 

    I don't buy the "died doing what they loved" BS, either.  See above.  I'd rather die of a heart attack in my sleep than crushed and broken in terror. 

    I read the Gadd article Bob posted, and I get it.  The Reaper stands behind us all, waiting.  Should I give him extra reasons to tap me on the shoulder? Not so sure these days, as the beard gets grey.  

    My worthless $0.02.


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