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  1. Current Static conditions?

    This is a bit late but maybe it will help you or someone else. Just went up there yesterday. Road is open past the bridge. Turnoff blocked, logging road deconstructed in an annoying way (old news). After old parking lot, trail gets REAL brushy. A machete could provide a good bit of impromptu trail maintenance and entertainment. THe uphill turnoff into the older forest is mostly fine. We cleared what we could but a couple of larger windfall remain. Trail littered with small stuff and begs for more feet. Only one 20ft. snow crossing remains. True snow line way higher than routes. Be my hero and a drill a bolt closer to the deck! Or just convert belay station pins to proper 3/8" bolts. Those are scary. /rant
  2. Your team wins. That is all.
  3. Melwaka beta?

    A friend and I are thinking of touring around Chair Peak this weekend and I'm looking for a little advice. I've seen a few reports that go from Melwaka to the Hemlock-Chair col and then down the Great Couloir or other. Is there an reason you can't do a climbing traverse from Melwaka to Pineapple Pass to ski Great Scott? Is this normally done? Also "watch out for so-and-so tricksy cliffband" or current conditions info much appreciated.
  4. Melwaka beta?

    Cool, thanks Feck. I ran into the monster avi field while doing Alpy slackcountry out to No Fog, that you described in a recent TR. My idea was that that junk extended up the couloir to the col, and I didn't want to ski that, thus the extension to Pineapple. I just realized my post count and join date don't exactly jive! Wonder how that happened.