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  1. Goats and dogs

    Thank ya. This is just what I needed to know. I almost got my dog killed about a year ago when I let her out in a yard with my uncle's nice tame burros. She almost got the shit stomped out of her... WTF, instincts I guess.
  2. Goats and dogs

    How do mountain goats act around dogs?
  3. ID info

    ID this past weekend. Don't take the same route as RMI up. It will just make you feel like a jackass.
  4. Yakima rack

    I have a Yakima rack for sale. It has the Q towers, Q23 clips, 48" bars, faring, Blacktop 12 cu. ft. box, and two Steelhead bike racks. Locks and keys for everything. You may have to get different Q clips to get the towers to fit your vehicle, and they are ~$50 a set. Check www.yakima.com for compatibility. $550 o.b.o. for everything. Make me an offer. James 928-925-0244 james@cloudbase.us
  5. Anyone want to climb this week? I would like to climb something tall and snowy. I am available 24/7. James 928-925-0244
  6. Wanted: Place to live

    I am going to be moving to the Seattle area and need a place to crash for a month (give or take, I am flexable) while I settle in. Any normal people out there have a room to rent? Please give me a call (preferable) or email if you have the space and the will. James 928-925-0244 james_eads@yahoo.com