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  1. Ditto. Bring a 70M if you have one, too. You can double up the pitches with a 70 and will make rapping much more pleasant due to all the f-ing agave cacti growing on the cliff faces. Make sure that you bring about twenty of the longest draws you have, too. Have fun!
  2. adams glacier conditions?

    Did anyone head up there over the weekend? I think that we're going to go tomorrow. Thanks! Dan
  3. I was just up there on Thursday. The pearly gates were a bit icy but there are well established steps so you’ll just need to be careful, especially on the way down. You’ll want to cross the schrund on the hogsback on the left; you should be able to see the bridge with no problem. I don’t rope up when I do the s. side, but if you think that you’d be more comfortable roped then definitely do it. Just make sure that you start early and wear your helmets and you’ll be fine. You just don’t want to be up there once the sun hits the face. Have fun!
  4. [TR] Adams- Adams Glacier 6/19/2005

    Looks great! We're probably going to give it a shot on Monday. We're you able to scope the route out from high camp? The moon should be out so hopefully we’ll be able to get a little earlier start.
  5. ID info

    Has anyone done the Ingraham in the last couple of days? I'm hoping to head up Sunday or Monday...
  6. Leuthold Info

    Has anyone one been up Leuthold in the last couple of days?
  7. NOLS - WFR certification

    Thanks for the beta. I just wanted to take the course for my own knowledge base. Since I have some extra time on my hands it sounds like it would be worth it.
  8. NOLS - WFR certification

    I wanted to get some feedback about the WFR course. Has anyone out there taken this recently?