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  1. Stuart - West Ridge Conditions

    Has anyone climbed the West Ridge of Stuart recently? What are the conditions like?
  2. Baker Coleman - Upper Deming advice...

    We also plan for the Buttes and a simular departure time. Going to be a very cozy area. laugh.
  3. Baker Coleman - Upper Deming advice...

    What time does your team plan on going for the summit if weather cooperates?
  4. Baker Coleman - Upper Deming advice...

    I'll be up on the same route in a group of 3 guys. Look for the green Hilleberg Akto tent Hopefully we get decent weather for a summit attempt.
  5. North Face Soloist Bivy

    For the people who PM'd me about the Bivy please send again as I have no idea who you are now due to the data loss of some posts. Thanks!
  6. North Face Soloist Bivy

    Only used twice. In mint condition as in pretty much brand new. No marks, no wear, nothing. Heres a link to a picture and a few reviews. http://www.outdoorreview.com/Climbing+Mountaineering/Bivy,Tents/The%20North%20Face/PRD_81123_2966crx.aspx $125 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  7. Koflach Plastic Boots

    Does anyone know of a store that carries Koflach Plastic boots in or near Vancouver, BC? MEC doesn't seem to be carrying them anymore. Thanks
  8. Looking for climbing partners for trips that are between beginner / intermediate level. Stuff like Joffre, Matier, Baker, and Shuskan etc. I have 1-2 yrs experience on glaciers. Looking for people around same level.
  9. Rope for Glacier Travel

    What do people think is the minimum thickness of rope they would use exclusively for glacier travel?
  10. ablation zone

    Thats why I said its USUALLY easy to spot crevasses in the ablation zone, I did not say it always is. These are just guidelines and there are always exceptions in everything.
  11. ablation zone

    The ablation zone is the area of the glacier below the firn line that has more snow melt per year then snow that falls on it, therefore resulting in lots of bare ice and rock. It is usually easy to spot crevasses in the ablation zone due to most of the snow being melted opposed to the accumulation zone which is above the firn line and can be totally covered in snow.
  12. Glacier Travel Gear

    Don't worry I have lots of training and experience. Just thought I would post it here so everyone could see what other people are carrying.
  13. Glacier Travel Gear

    Just curious what everyone uses for a technical gear set for basic glacier travel?