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  1. 8 for $1 avacados! That kicks ass. Great pics, too.
  2. Favourite cocktail

    A basic,tried and true, supper-club approved Manhattan is where it is at.
  3. Portland Rock Gym cardio equipment

    Yippee. John's Landing is a great location. I stopped my annual membership and started month to month at PRG in part because of these rumors.
  4. Portland Rock Gym cardio equipment

    How about making it inexpensive by not having any cardio equipment or yoga studio that almost nobody uses anyway. Is it really going to be in St. Johns? That is such a long drive...
  5. How to drink and drive and get away with it

    Hey On Top of Poo, Do you have any accident stats that relate to blood alchohol levels? I have heard that the vast majority of deaths due to drunk drivers involve drivers that are way over the limit, not in the area of .08 or .10 percent. This implies that reducing the limit from .10 to .08 won't save any lives. But, I don't recall where I heard this and I am wondering if it is true.
  6. Increasing flexibilty

    Who out there has significantly increased there flexibility, and how did you do it? I have seen books and articles claiming that anyone can get really flexible (like able to do the splits) , but I am highly skeptical. I have never known anyone that is very flexible and wasn't always that way.
  7. Increasing flexibilty

    Thanks for the input Dechristo and Ketch. Let me give you a little more info about myself. When I started rock climbing/bouldering, I could not even come close to touching my toes (with straight legs), and I was similarly inflexible in other stretches. I started stretching daily (more or less), and within a few months I did get more flexible. I could touch my toes, and even get a couple knuckles on the floor if I was particularly warm. The forward bend is really the only stretch that I have used to monitor any progress, but I think my hip turnout increased slightly as well. My flexibility then plateaued and I have been about the same for about 4 years. I still consider myself to be fairly inflexible, and I feel that it is a real weakness in my climbing (especially on near vertical walls, like a lot of climbs at Smith). I have tried some yoga, about 1 or 2 times per week, in addition to 10 or 15 minutes after I climb, or after a run. I didn't see any results from yoga after a couple months, but maybe I am not doing it often enough, or maybe I need to do it for a full year to see increased results. I also know there are a lot of other theories about the type of stretching needed to get more flexible (active isolated stretching, PNF stretching ...). I am looking for what worked for others to really get more flexible. Is it possible that one day I might be able to do the splits? Could I one day step up to a hold at nipple height? Or am I doomed to complaining about gym routes that were set by short, flexible routesetters?