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  1. North Face of Athabasca or...

    Looks pretty solid. We went up the AA col a couple years ago and it was a hot day in august... we should have went down that way as well... Thanks for the info and nice pics.
  2. North Face of Athabasca or...

    Sorry to hear that Dru. If that was incorrect forum to copy and paste that kind of stuff I apologize for that as well.
  3. North Face of Athabasca or...

    Gearheart thanks for the info, i have the Wardens # some where... Yep everything is changing out there. This was August 15th 2004. "JASPER, Alta. (CP) A mountain climber is dead and another has serious injuries after falling rock knocked them off an ice slope on Mount Athabasca in Jasper National Park. Four climbers, working two to a rope, were ascending a moderately difficult ice face Sunday near the Columbia Icefields when boulders began tumbling from an overhead band of rock. ``There were some sizeable rocks in the rock fall,'' said Parks Canada public safety specialist Steve Blake Monday. Two of the climbers on one rope were hit. One, a 26-year-old man, died after a 45-metre fall. His female climbing partner sustained serious injuries. Parks Canada got an early jump responding to the tragedy, said Blake. "Some of our Parks Canada staff at the Icefields Centre saw through a spotting scope some activity up there that seemed sort of frenzied and out of the ordinary for climbing,'' he said. ``They made some calls to our dispatch which alerted us that maybe something was up, so we started to assemble our rescue team at that point.'' A member of the climbing party phoned in the call for help at about 12:54, by which time a helicopter was already on standby in Canmore, Alta. A rescue team was on the ground by 2:25. The injured woman was flown to hospital in Edmonton. The remaining two climbers were also taken to hospital. They were released with no injuries. The current strike by Parks Canada staff had no impact on the rescue effort, Blake said. Safety staff are considered essential services and the normal complement of such staff were on duty at the time of the tragedy. Blake said the climbers were a group of students from the University of Calgary." UPDATE: Jasper Booster — One man is dead and another person was hospitalized after a climbing expedition went wrong Aug. 15 near the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park. Four climbers were ascending the north face of Athabasca Mountain at around 11:30 a.m. when one climber was struck by a rock shower, causing him to fall about 45 metres. “The climber was tied into the mountain but sustained life threatening injuries as a result of the fall and subsequently died at the scene,” read a press release from the Jasper RCMP. The second climber sustained serious injuries and was transported to hospital. The two remaining climbers sustained no injuries and were released from hospital. The Jasper Warden Service Search and Rescue and EMS responded to the accident and were able to airlift the party to a safe environment. The name of the deceased climber is J.M., 26, of Calgary. UPDATE: "A young Calgary man died after sustaining injuries in a climbing accident on Mount Athabasca. J.M. (26) was hit by natural rock fall and fell 45 metres Sunday morning. He broke his femur and is believed to have died from the resulting blood loss, said Jasper National Park public safety warden Steve Blake. J.M. was climbing with three other Calgary friends who were roughly the same age, a woman in the group was also hit and suffered significant internal injuries. The two other climbers were not injured. The group was attempting to climb the North Face of the 3491 metre mountain in the south end of Jasper National Park. They had climbed two rope lengths up from the glacier when a natural rock shower hit them. "Rockfall is just something that occurs naturally, especially in places like that when the temparatures are warm. It seemed like the rocks were small pebbles to soccer-ball sized rocks" Blake siad. The accident occurred at around 11:30 am. The warden service received the call for help about an hour later from Parks Canada staff at the Icefields Centre who noticed a single person running down the glacier waving his arms. Rescue staff arrived on scene at 2:20 pm. J.M. was determined to be dead at the scene. His female climbing partner was evacuated to a hospital in Edmonton where her significant internal injuries could be treated. She is expected to recover.
  4. North Face of Athabasca or...

    Nope haven't yet, but I will check it out. Thanks.
  5. A buddy of mine and me are looking to plan a couple days of apline climbing at the end of May. Would it be in condition to climb then? Any other suggestions would be great.
  6. MSR water bag patch??

    If anyone cares... I contacted MSR and they stood behind there product and sent me a new one. On another note if you use "Hot Bond" won't give you brain damage.
  7. MSR water bag patch??

    Always sound advice dru... always sound
  8. MSR water bag patch??

    Shapp - Thanks Dru - If you lick it long enough Squid - sorry to hear about your cousins freind
  9. MSR water bag patch??

    Newbie here, not sure if this should been in the gear attic but... has anyone patched thier Msr water bag? I've thought about the regular adhesives but some are toxic. Any realistic ideas would be great. Thanks
  10. Pack it up, pack it in......

    Hey all, I'm new to the board, looks like a funny place. When you guys cut crap off your pack, what is it that you cut off? I can see the obvious stuff is there more than that? --- I can do that...