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  1. was over at rattletale and heard the sirens at about 12:30... drove over there after we got down, to get on the lower wall and there was a line of emergency vehicles and they flagged us on as tho we couldn't go in. we parked on the road and watch the helicopter. freaking awesome heli pilots!! dude got lifted out at about 2:30. word on the ground, fwiw, was that he took a 30 ft ledge fall and ribs/lung injury. who knows. long and short - the helicopter to the rescue.


    hope everyone is as ok as you can be in a helicopter. sucks to be underneath it all and not knowing if it is someone you know. good luck to all!!!




  2. more arctic sea ice. according to USA Today


    Crucial Arctic sea ice this summer shrank to its second lowest level on record, continuing an alarming trend, scientists said Tuesday.


    The ice covered 1.74 million square miles on Friday, marking a low point for this summer, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Last summer, the sea ice covered only 1.59 million square miles, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1979




    right, you can say that two years in a row don't make a significant trend in a 30 year study. well, how significant is 30 years in a world that is, for argument's sake, more than 6000 years old?


    at any rate - the alarmists should do a better job of slanting their data.

  3. i've got a bunch of family that has gone inland cuz of this. sux, but it is all part of living there. usually, you get back and everything is just fine. some aren't that lucky and come back to nothing.


    good luck to all those affected!


  4. you don't get out much, do you. last night's forum with mccain and obama - mccain admitted that the econmomy is shit. they both had the same answers to everything.


    also obama has said he will not do away with bush's tax cuts until the economy improves. in other words - wait till the economy picks up before hurting it.



  5. so the quote is similar to that made by past presidents that are agreed upon to be 'great'. was it wrong for them to use such god-filled language? do you condemn all the great things that those presidents did simply based on those speeches and god references?

  6. and it speaks volumes that the other lefties on this site just sit back let him make you all look like loons. any lefties here (besides mattp)bothered by this guy?