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  1. Launched the all-new, redesigned Sierra Journal today. I've got a forum up and running over there too for any of you Sierra vagabonds. I did include some of the cross-over territory with Shasta and Lassen and whatnot. They're mine. Let me know what you think!!
  2. I now have two that I'm updating regularly. Why? Not sure. Sierra Alpinist: All about my climbing/skiing adventures GearZu: Outdoor gear news and reviews
  3. They put out a new video to get the word out about the March 25 Sugar Bowl fund raiser. $30 for an all-day lift ticket and other goodies. Plus, you're supporting an important service! Check er out at Sierra Alpinist.
  4. I have the same problem, only I've been suffering in Scarpa Denalis. Had them stretched, then fitted with thermo liners. Still not enough. I read a review that said Lowa Strukturas fit us wide-footed folks. Can anyone confirm that?
  5. This video is pretty cool. My apologies if everyone has seen this already, but it's new to me. www.sierra-alpinist-typepad.com
  6. My favorite thing to do is find a used pair of Koflach shells and fit them with new custom liners. It's like having brand new boots at half the price. Here's a little blurb about it on my blog: www.sierra-alpinist.typepad.com. Where are you headed in Bolivia? I was down there a couple of seasons ago. It's unbelievable.
  7. Skiing was fantastic up there last week. Corned up after noon. Firm in the morning. Car to car in a day would be a bit of a haul. Trip report on my new blog: www.sierra-alpinist.typepad.com Cheers!
  8. Okay folks. I've recently relocated to the Bay Area and, being so close to Silicon Valley, I figured it was only appropriate to jump on the blogging bandwagon. So here you go: www.sierra-alpinist.typepad.com I'm nearly jumping out of my skin to get to work on the Sierra classics, so that's mainly what I'll post here. Enjoy. Or not. Either way...
  9. I am newly arrived in the Bay Area. I am long-time lurker on cascadeclimbers and am hoping to find a similarly active group regarding climbing/skiing in the Sierras. Does such a thing exist? URLs?
  10. Anybody have an extra pair they can part with?
  11. Perfect. That's just what I'm looking for. I'll most likely be by myself (for at least the climbing portion of the trip), so I need to know that when I get to Quito, there are readily available guide services. Sounds like there are. I'm not a newbie, so I'm really just paying for a climbing partner who knows the area. I'll probably want to lead the technical portions of the routes, anyway. One of my guides in Bolivia had no problem with that. Looks like Antisana and Illiniza Sur are the winners. Might have to slog up cotopaxi as well. This isn't happening until mid-summer, but I'll post a trip report on my return. Thanks again!! Another question for Dylan: is there any reason to prefer the summer season over the winter season? Or are they both equally accomodating for climbing?
  12. Hello all. I posted here about climbing in Bolivia two seasons ago and got some wonderful beta from someone (Can't find the post anymore). Whoever you were, Thanks so much. I had a fantastic trip thanks to all your advice. Now I've got a pal who will be working in Ecuador for the next year or so, and so I will be making the trek to Quito this coming season. Does anyone have direct experience with the local guide services? Advice as to which companies are reputable, reasonably priced, conveniently located, etc? I prefer hiring local guides rather than going through big US climbing schools. My expeience in Bolivia was unbelievable. Talented guides, decent food, cheap prices, immediate availablity. I'm Looking for the same kind of thing in Ecuador. I'd rather not book anything in advance since my plans will be up totally up in the air in terms of timing. Looking to climb Illiniza or Antisana along with a technically easier volcanoe (Cotopaxi or Cayambe). Any and all info is appreciated...
  13. Thanks for looking around for me. I am an EMT-B, but I need to challenge out of the OEC cert so that I can join the local patrol. For some reason they won't accept EMT certification. I know where I can get the book new, but I'm hoping to pick up a cheap copy. New it runs nearly $70 I think.
  14. Anyone have tcopies of these laying around? I'd be happy to part with some cash plus shipping for used-but-in-good-condition copies... Let me know!!!
  15. Hi all. Has anyone retrofitted their Black Diamond Turbo screws with the Omega Pacific grinder knobs? Do they fit? Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks...
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