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  1. Tele/Rando/Board battlecage

    I tried the snowshoe with snowboard en tow on my pack last winter. It really sucked trying to keep up with friends on AT. I am not the fastest hiker, but it took 3-4X longer for me to reach the hut than anyone else. Granted, it was nice to have the large float and toe cleat for crossing some deep powder and ice, the time and effort wasn't worth it. I spent way too much time switching from board to snowshoe for traverse or climbing then back for some short descent. After 20yrs into snowboarding and out of skiing, I am back to skiing. It took me a few years to come to this realization. The board will still be in use, but not for BC trips. Splitboard seemed like a bandaid to solve the problem of not being able to cover the traverses, plus I am told they aren't as solid as a non-split board. They are pricey ta boot. I do like the "lock & load" aspect of AT vs. tele, but not an expert here. Still pretty much a novice to the BC realm.