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  1. what grade would you give summer falls Paul? BTW...Ouray was awesome!
  2. Went with Paul and climbed part of a large flow just north of Salt and Pepper. Paul can probably identify the actual climb but it was good ice for the most part. Not too much to climb right now. Lower Trotskys was rotten with exposed rock at the top. Devils and upper trotskys looked great but had HUGE death hazard above. Salt and Pepper had less ice on it than I've seen in the last 5 years. The bottom half of The Cable is just blobs of ice that aren't connected. On a positive note, we were able to make several laps on some good ice that made the trip worthwhile. Children of the Sun was bare at the top. Clockwork Orange had a really thin first pitch but a fat top pitch. Champagne could probably be done if you can climb WI5+/6. Guinness looked pretty good from the road. The other beer climbs were really thin with lots of rock showing. Hope this helps. Paul should be able to give more specifics about the route we were on.
  3. Anyone done this as a trail run from parking lot to parking lot? If so, how long did it take? Planning to do it this weekend but was curious about how much time to budget for the actual run. Thanks
  4. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    we ran all but aasgard of course and some of the descent where it's too steep. Otherwise we took a short 15 min break at the top of the pass, a few photos along the way and then a 5 min break down at snow lakes. I think by the end of the summer I could do it in about 5.5 hours. Something to shoot for anyway.
  5. when I looked at the glacier last weekend I thought that I would definitely want crampons. Steep blue ice through the middle.
  6. Mt Stuart Cascadian Couloir

    we did this in a day a couple years ago. It was a looong day though. If I remember right, it took about 12 hours. You definitely want an ice axe if there's still snow because the boulders to the left of the snow field look like they'd be quicker but they're loose and scary. Stick to the snow. If you just want a grueling day of great cardio, this is it.
  7. DC route on Rainier?

    I would check the Mt Rainier climbing blog which can be found here: http://mountrainierclimbing.blogspot.com/ I've done it in both and I prefer leathers.
  8. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    I was amazed that I didn't get any blisters from this endeavor. A pair of Asics running shoes with Super Feet insoles worked great.
  9. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    6 hours and 8 minutes It was a great day up there!
  10. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    Yeah, I was wondering if it would be better to go up Aasgard or down it. Thanks for all the info.
  11. stuart lake trailhead to snow lakes run

    very nice of you to offer, thank you. I've got the car situation handled but if it falls through I'll take you up on it. Thanks for the info too. Did you run it or hike fast?
  12. anyone know of any good scrambles or low 5th class ridge climbs within 50 miles or so of spokane?
  13. thanks, that was more info than I thought I'd get. I've done plenty in Leavenworth and off of Washington Pass but I was just hoping for a quick one day trip somewhere close. I want to take a friend out that hasn't done much. I'll take a look at rock peak. Thanks again.
  14. Enchantments Permit free to good home.

    Hey! I kicked the meth habit. I need pitbull food though.
  15. Enchantments Permit free to good home.

    still have it? I just so happen to not be working this summer and would love to head up there.
  16. Trade: My quark ergos for your quarks

    I have a pair of ergos I'd like to trade for a pair of quarks too if anyone else is interested. Same kinda deal, just the shafts. crieman@u.washington.edu
  17. Banks?

    sorry, but no.
  18. Banks?

    went to banks today and it's pretty much the same report as what paul said. Punchbowl was in great but the deathsickles were raining down. Trotskys revenge is still in but it was pouring water. The cable has a decent amount of ice, zenith and salt & pepper look thin but climbable. there's tons of ice all the way up but most have deteriorated at the top outs.
  19. Banks?

    The two climbs I know have been climbed in the last week are Falling Falls and the punch bowl. wish I could go.
  20. N Idaho / NW Montana

    what was the road like getting up to copper. is a high clearance vehicle necessary?
  21. N Idaho / NW Montana

    i recognize copper but are those (3rd one down) on US95 about 20 miles from the border? st. regis?
  22. Cody Weather

    http://www.coldfear.com/conditions.htm very detailed conditions page for Cody. Aaron's great so give him a call before you go and he'll give you the latest. I can highly recommend the Bison Willy's bunkhouse if you still need a place to stay.
  23. Trip: leavenworth - no idea Date: 11/25/2007 Trip Report: Anyone ever seen or climbed this? You take off from bridgecreek campground, cross the creek, head off on that road to the right after the bridge for about 15-20 minutes and then head up through the thicket into a draw another 10-15 minutes. It's about 50m of WI2. It then rambles up for quite a ways but we turned around after about 200-300m. Judging by the map it would be about a half mile past Hubba Hubba but lower on the hillside in an obscure draw. The route was pretty fun (considering we weren't expecting to find anything). Pretty good ice actually. There is another short 20 foot step beyond what you can see in the picture. Gear Notes: brought the gear but soloed it.
  24. desperate for ice falls is my favorite so far because that's exactly what it was for us.
  25. I'm terrible at judging distance, especially since we didn't use a rope. oh well...