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  1. Shoulder Tube Opinions?

    I just learned about the Shoulder Tube after watching the most recent Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel episode (which includes a "Dangers of climbing segment"). It seems like the shoulder tube would be benefecial for climbers, I would think it would strengthen all of those little muscles and tendons in the shoulder in a way that regular shoulder exercises wouldn't hit.
  2. WTB: Miuras Size 46

    I need a pair of Miuras in a 46, need em soon! Email me pics at scotteagan@hotmail.com I live in Portland.
  3. PRG today at 2

    Give me a call if your going to the PRG today. I'll be there from 2-4 pm (AUGUST 8 monday)my number is 801-540-8485 scott eagan
  4. I will be at the PRG from 2-4 today. Give me a call at 801-540-8485 if you will be there and want a belay partner. Scott Eagan
  5. Telemark Gear/Cloudviel Clothing/Helmets

    my email is scotteagan@hotmail.com how would you want payment? I prefer paypal, but am flexible.
  6. Telemark Gear/Cloudviel Clothing/Helmets

    are all of these prices canadian? do you have a picture of the cascade jacket? What shape is the cascade jacket in?
  7. WTB Size 13 leather Ice boots

    If you have a pair of leather ice climbing boots in a size 13 let me know what you want for them by emailing me at scotteagan@hotmail.com