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  1. Mountaineering Boots

    I took my plastics and changed to Intuition liners and reduced the boots by one pound each. work to find the insole that is most comfortable for your feet.
  2. WA HB 2619 stopped

    HB 2619 died in committee today Jan 26. The bill received overwhelming opposition. Sponsor withdrew the bill. Yeah!!!
  3. Food - Cook Stove and Dutch Oven

    YAKIMA CLIMBING CLUB meets the last Thursday of the month. For July 31 at 7 pm at Pacific River and Alpine Sports, Trail Gourmet, ROB PATTERSON from MOUNTAIN GEAR in Spokane will present cooking with your trail stove or Dutch oven. This evening will be fun and filled with ideas of how to make exceptionally good tasting food. Donations will be collected to offset the expenses of the evening. If you have questions, contact Marty at mountainmarty@hotmail.com. The club is nearly 4 years old and has 55 members. You can connect with us at yakimaclimbers@yahoogroups.com.
  4. food

    YAKIMA CLIMBING CLUB meets the last Thursday of the month. For July 31 at 7 pm at Pacific River and Sports, 315 West Yakima Avenue, Trail Gourmet Rob Patterson from MOUNTAIN GEAR in Spokane will present pack stove and Dutch oven cuisine. This will be fun and educational. Donations are collected to offset the expense of the evening. We are coming to 4 years of age and have 55 members. We communicate through yakimaclimbers@yahoogroups.com. Any further information contact Marty at mountainmarty@hotmail.com. Come join us for the latest on great food for climbers!
  5. Baker, finally!

    Fantastic excitement so wonderfully expressed !! Thanks.
  6. Climbing Rangers .............................

    I give applause to the Climbing Rangers for their job of dealing with the public and public errors on the mountain. I've seen them in action and would like to say they do an outstanding job on Rainier!! MountainMarty
  7. 82 Year Old and 7 Year old summiting same week

    Being on the side toward 82 rather than 7, I find this inspiring! I'd like to still be climbing in my 80's.
  8. Skateboarding

    Note: She fell around midnight. The eastside of NYC at midnight is ?????? She could have been burned by the steam pipe