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  1. $30. Guidebook to Index. Guidebook is in very good shape EXCEPT that the back is broken in two places. The spine of the book is not torn. All pages still together and attached to spine of book.. Pages are not loose. No writing in book. Cover has no creases or tears. Free shipping!
  2. I have many PMs offering to buy the bindings. I will go thru them in order. They are size "normal"--sole length up to 13 3/8 inches.
  3. Silvretta 404s on Fischer Alpin Tour skis. About 15 years old, great shape. Only used a few times. $40.
  4. These are size XL. Fit boots size 10 or 11. Are all black. Lower is neoprene. Upper is cloth. Snap and velcro closure. Small cut in each toe. $40. If you want to see a picture go to the 40below.com website and look at the Mt. Everest overboots.
  5. I'll add a picture later tonight. But if you go to the 40 Below website, and look at the K2 Superlight picture (black + red) then imagine all black, that is what mine look like. But no fancy logo.
  6. Pair of Forty Below overboots. Size extra large--fit size 10 or 11 boots. Neoprene around the boot. Cloth above the top of the boot. Velcro plus snap closures. Black. Very good condition. Small holes in toes. $40.
  7. There are pictures of the bag in the For Sale section of the Gallery. It is very purple.
  8. This bag is in excellent shape. 1996 model. Size large. 4 lbs, 4 oz. A little heavy and bulky. Good choice for Denali W. Buttress. $200.
  9. I found a pair of Vasque hiking boots, probably women's, on Sunday, May 18 sitting along the road at the Cougar sno-park on the south side of Mt. St Helens. Where the roads were closed and everyone was parked along the side of the road. If you can identify the color of the socks inside the boots, I will get them back to you.
  10. The Marmot Col sleeping bag is a 1996 model. Minus 20 degrees. Long, weighs 4 lbs, 4 oz. Dryloft shell. Clean, great shape. Only used on Denali and Kilimanjaro. A West Buttress special. $300. Dana Designs Terraplane. 1996 model, only used on Denali. Clean, great shape. This is a heavy pack. 7 lbs or so. $170.
  11. We are going to aid it. Maybe I didn't quite ask the right question. We want to climb U Wall and descend via Bellygood Ledge. A lot of the climbs in the Dihedrals are closed thru July 31 due to falcon nesting. The BC Parks closure notice lists the closed climbs but says nothing about Bellygood Ledge being closed--even though it is right above the climbs. So maybe the right question is: is Bellygood Ledge closed?
  12. Thanks. I and a friend are going to try it in a couple weeks.
  13. Is U Wall at Sqaumish closed at any time during the summer for falcons, etc.?
  14. Thanks. I had been looking at the Canadian weather website for Clinton, and it did look like temperatures were dropping. I was attempting to see if someone had climbed there last weekend in order to get a little firmer info.
  15. Does anyone know what ice conditions are like in Lillooet currently (last weekend)? Especially interested in Icy BC and Oregon Jack.
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