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  1. Lots of posts about Rambles, Marble, etc., but does anyone know if anything else is in on the Duffy? How about Red Wall Wander(er)s ... (I never know what the real name is!)?
  2. Yep, I hiked it in the summer and thought I'd go back for a look during the cold snap... ahh, those sublime days of yonder weeks! You're right, north of Plum and not very visible from the road but if you look closely you can see the top of it.
  3. Climb: Place Creek Falls - FA???- Date of Climb: 1/9/2005 Trip Report: A group of us climbed Place Ck Falls on Sunday. Couldn't figure out if this has been climbed before or not. The closest thing in the guide seems to be Whispering Falls, although the book places that climb on the N. end of Gates Lake (Birkenhead Rd) and the access doesn't sound quite right... For what it's worth, a fun climb, first pitch grade 3 with a 15m grade 4 step at the top. ~50m total. pitch 2, 3 and 4 all ~ 40m meandering grade 2 with grade 3 steps. Approach Notes: Park at railway crossing ~24km from Mt.Currie, follow railway line about 200m then cut across 2 Hydro cuttings and up the hill to the falls. Same access as Place Glacier trail.
  4. I guess that's a reasonable assessment! thanks.
  5. I'm coming into this a bit late.... but I noticed no one had anything to say about the N.Face of Cheam. Is it not recommended or was it just too early in the season while this thread was going? I'm thinking of taking a look at it this weekend... Nic