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  1. Getting started in Squamish

    Diedre is good, Don't go early!!!! all the slowest climbers in squamish attempt the "alpine start" creating a big dumb mess. Go enjoy the bluffs for the afternoon and hit diedre in the evening. An average/slow party takes about 2-3 hours I think(take a headlamp). Also St.Vitus dance is Good @5.9 Calculus Crack @5.8 and Banana peel@ 5.8 (easyest route up) and Snake 5.9 are good. It sound like your some what new to this. So... Keep in mind that on the apron long runouts are the norm. If the route is 5.8 expect unprotected 5.6ish climbing at times. Even Diedre and Banana peel (the two easyest route's) have some sections that falling would be a bad idea. So be solid at the grade!! Also the wind can make verbal communication impossable. Ask your self what you will do when you can't see or hear the leader? Oh, if you climb diedre put a helmet on for sure! People drop stuff often Enjoy, Tanner
  2. Lost rack shoes and harness squamish

    I proud to be a part of such a great community!!! I got my Rack back!!!!!
  3. Lost june 3rd In the apron parking lot in squamish If you picked it up give me a Call 604 556-0799 or post back beer on return!! Thanks Tanner
  4. 2 examples why I like to tote guns

    I'm so glad there are few* handguns in canada!! * IF you get shot by one you likely deserved it. The reason being 3 weeks ago I ran out of my house when I hear a woman screeming. I saw a man ontop of her punching hear in the head with both hands . When I ran out side he took off. I had no idea he had left to go inside his home to find a weapon. When he came back walking slow and delibrite I had no idea he had a cooking knife concealed agaist his arm. Had it been a concealed gun he could have shot me, my nabour armed with a sand wedge and his severaly beaten mother. At very close range. Insead what happend is he charged at his mother from about 10 ft away stabbing her in the chest. MY nabor responded inturn with a devistatingly hard strike of the golf club to the back of the attacker head. Hard enough to splatter me from 8-10ft away. My point: If someone charges from ten ft away w/ a knife having a side arm wouldn't help becuse there isn't enough time to draw and fire( I know this because my wife is an RCMP officer in training and cops can't draw and fire that fast. Thats why they come out guns drawn) So us having guns wouldn't help. The attacker was a psycho, to the point that after having a large divit removed from the back of his head he still wanted to fight. If he found a gun instead of a knife he probable would have shot both of us first then his mother followed by shooting at the police. At the end of the night everyone survived, no shots fired. If there where guns, people ( the wrong people) would be dead!!! Glad the cops had guns!!!! It took a 10 of them some w/ MP5's and shot guns to convince him to get down. My story endend with 3 hours of "sleep" an 0600 wake up and a mild epic on st. Vetis dance. Somthing about a stuck rope, a stranded leader, wet rock and me soloing in my tennies. epic weekend, no shots fired. Tanner
  5. Let's see those trip reports

    Went to squamish, Walked around the bluffs... Led kangaroo corner, Walked around a bunch more. Led, Fata Morgana(Interesting climb) stubbled around penny lane looking @ rocks Led crime of the century. Went for beer... Then walked around looking at rocks in Murrin Park for while drove home..
  6. Lots of work!!!! It will take some pressure off penny lane I bet. Do you know what the short steep sport route just off the log w/ the sawed steps goes at? It looks like fun
  7. Thanks how recent is that development? This winter?
  8. 5 climbers missing on Hood

    I agree W/Frikadeller, Its only Mt. Hood that has the f'ed up reputation!!! Make people pass a test or have a talk w/ an ranger first before being allowed to climb. I climbed it a couple of years ago in the fall. I wouldn't mind a going through a screening process 'if' I climbed it again.
  9. Yesterday after doing a little climbing on Penny Lane crag(great day) I was told by a fellow climber to check out the new area that has just been opened up. Its not far around the corner from climb and punishment. Looks really nice! Tons of work must have gone into it!! Does anyone know more about this area. ITs name what the routes are etc. Tanner
  10. Gear placement--how soon, how much?

    I've ditched My #3 a few times, because I didn't want to carry it. Re:Zippering I always try to make my first or second piece a cam. No zipper I also often run it out a little more only to double up at a good rest. Small cam and a stopper is a nice combo. Also, why not slot a nut at a good rest if you can? your there anyway.
  11. Slesse Conditions May 9

    I want to climb the NE buttress of Slesse so bad!! Thats such a cool area!
  12. Smoke Bluff Route Name

    I've always called it broom stick crack untill I was corrected. I'm sure boom sticks are used to blast attacking sharks. Orphan is solid 5.8, Corner crack is an easy 5.7 flying circus 10a should not be made 10b polished or not. Didn't worlds toughest milkman get upgraded for .8-.9 in the new guide book? What does it matter anyway?
  13. what to wear - spring hiking, climbing

    I'm all about the cotton!!!! I have softshell pants and jackets and all that other high tech fabric shit and they are great for cool or wet weather. But when the sun is out... Cotton. I like to wear my nylon pants on occasion, smart wool socks most of the time. Maybe if I try a thin wool teeshirt I'll like it. Untill then Tee-shirt and cotton work type pants.