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  1. Mecca?

    I assume it is accessed off Mecca road. It looks like the property is private unlike bills columns.
  2. Mecca?

    I am reading!!!! I would love directions to this place and any info on bills columns. I think I know which ones are bills, but when I come from the Dalles to climb trout I don't go highway 2. I could be wrong on what I am thinking.
  3. Lost: Camera on upper north ridge of Stuart

    That is fantastic! Thank you so much. I will PM you.
  4. Actually it isn't lost, because I am almost certain I know its exact location. That however, doesn't do me much good. The scenario: This weekend a friend and I went and tackled the complete north ridge with ridiculously heavy packs. Generally, after finishing the Gendarme (including the 5.8 crack), climbers traverse/rappel/down-climb into the gully to the west. Then ascend up past the fixed #3. At that point I went up and left to a large almost flat smallish alcove. That was the last place I took pictures of Josh coming up to the belay. I told myself to not forget to put it in my pack, but that is exactly what I did (yep, really dumb) as we rushed to get to the top and down before nightfall (didn't make it). Once we got to the top, since we were in a hurry to get down the Cascadian Couloir with light, my partner snapped a few quick pictures with his phone, and off we went. I noticed my camera was gone as we bivied near the junction with the main trail many 1000's of feet below. Any help in getting it back would be much appreciated. Of course, I will take care of shipping and will send a token of my appreciation.
  5. Want to climb Sunday 9/25?

    Looking for a partner for Sunday (9/25) for rock climbing somewhere at any of a number of areas. Would like to climb off road 44 on the east side of hood as it is reasonably close to my home. Open to other areas.
  6. Gimli access?

    Thanks for the information. I am very interested in doing this route.
  7. Gimli access?

    Hello all. Does anyone have know of a book that has the routes on Gimli? Do anyone have any beta on the good routes on Gimli? Thanks, Tim
  8. Leavenworth Aug 6-8 *DELETED*

    James, thanks for the offer, but I am in Oregon and wouldn't be coming through Bremerton. Maybe another time. Tim
  9. Leavenworth Aug 6-8 *DELETED*

    Post deleted by lookin2climb
  10. Climbing on Tuesday

    Hello all. I am looking for people to climb with on Tuesday. I would like to hit Beacon. Please let me know if you are interested.