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  1. I love guitar. Asking me to leave my guitar at home is like asking you to leave your sleeping bag at home (except that a guitar doesn't keep me warm).

    You're dead wrong there baby Jeebus. After the 3rd verse of "Praise the lord and pass the collection plate" I'd slice your tent open, grab that infernal noisemaker, break it into tiny splinters, douse it in white gas and put a match to it. You would then see that it would keep you warm....for a short time.

  2. Obviously we will need the multinational corporations like Monsanto or ADM to develop a pollination fog/poison and spray the earth. After that they will nationalize the AG biz.

  3. Try the Edge card instead...

    Your EDGE CARD gives you the best deal all season long. Compare with:

    Adult Ticket Window Rate:

    $77 - $83

    7-Eleven & other discount tickets: $69

    Other promotions (ie: Gas coupons): begin in January and are valid Sunday to Thursday only with blackout dates

    EDGE CARD: $53 - $57 and once your included days are used you never pay more than $67. Valid all winter season.







  4. SO I'm driving Hwy 99 from Squamish to Vancouver the other day and I see this guy pushing one of those big construction wheelbarrows full of gear, packs, skis, snowshoes. Those of you who drive this road will remember that in some places there is virtually no shoulder. With the new highway being constructed HUGE dump trucks are coming and going not to mention a constant stream of solid traffic. This fool seemed blessfully unaware of the danger he faced.

    A couple hours later on the way back I see this guy a few kilometers up the road now with a ski pole with a US flag stuck out from his rig into the taffic lane presumably to ward off any heavy, speeding metal objects that veer to close. His right elbow was also bleeding so some one must have blew him into the ditch.

    I know ski season is coming up fast but shit man go sell your blood for a bus ticket instead!

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