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  1. To a long time short seller of stocks like myself, the pile driver that happened today was heady stuff. If last week was nirvana , this week maybe I'll get my 72 virgins.

    The house of cards that all the bullshit has keep aloft for so long is finally collapsing under the weight of the all the chickens coming home to roost.

    The sooner the government tackles the real problems instead of dicking around trying to police the world and acting as if the deficit, debt and 24/7/365 dollaro printing doesn't matter, the sooner you can get back on track. If getting back on track is still an option. As long as special interest lobby groups and the military-industrial complex pull the strings of the puppets in office, the downward spiral will accelerate.

    Some have poo poo'd my previous doom and gloom.I've been taking action since I saw that CROX, the company making those gay clogs was worth twice what GE stock was back a year ago.

    Me, I'm riding this down wave until there isn't any more to get and loving every minute of it until they outlaw short selling and selling of any stocks.

    In the immortal words of your current leader, "Bring it on".


  2. They won't be smiling when the next few rescue packages need to be dealt with in the near future. You see, the patient is dead and they are using a band to revive him.

  3. Look on the brightside, at least in the future there will be no unemployed Americans as the state controlled coal mines will always need more bodies. Maybe China will even permit a transfer of all the able bodied men aged 13-40 to work in their coal mines until their US bonds are paid off.

  4. Look everyone knows,if there's no chicken blood or eye of newt it's not real witchcraft.

    She is 100% ready to become prez after her McCain voodoo doll does it's work. Just look at her calm demeanor with that raving lunatic behind her. That's the mark of a true leader.

  5. Some random thoughts...

    The banking system house of cards is about to implode. Society is comprehensively bankrupt and is defaulting on loans at record rates. When there is no more money to loan, from non existent companies, to no more credit worthy people, the economy will stop.

    GM stock is just a short time away from reaching $0.00. Peoples savings, retirement funds are disappearing in a stock market that just ran out of smoke and mirrors.

    Oil prices are making new highs everyday. The spin off effects will touch all aspects of everyday life. Less money for "luxuries" and necessitities.

    Houses are now worth less than the mortgages owed in some areas.

    Manufacturing has moved offshore. Nothing is made in the USA anymore. The workforce has been reduced to service industry drones.

    Millions of family farms and their knowledge have disappeared, replaced by multinational agri business' that have just started to twist the knife. Recent floods in Iowa will have a big effect on grain prices.

    Surburban sprawl has consumed the small towns and taken the local culture away.

    The airlines are going to merge and consolidate or go under until there are none left.

    Infrastructure is crumbling, education is getting cutback.

    The fiasco in Iraq continues and will soon probably spread to Iran.

    It's like watching a slow motion train wreck....


    "But other than that, how did you like the play Mrs Lincoln?"


    She suffered from severe clinical depression--just like FearAndGreed.


    Reality has a habit of blinding stupid folk...

  6. This is a message from your government:

    We will prop up any failing institution.

    We will stop free market practices that are deemed detrimental to the state.

    The markets especially bank stocks, will rise substantially tomorrow.

    That is all, over and out.


  7. Obama speaks very clearly and plainly about his foreign policy plans: pull out of Iraq, defeat Al Quaeda and stabilize Afghanistan for starters. Repair international friendships as a second course.


    That doesn't make a lick of sense at all to me.


    1) He changed his mind; His view are very similar to McCain's now


    2) Defeat AlQueda? Why didn't we think of that?


    3) Stabilize Afghanistan. Now were talking.



    I knew it , ah knew it. Judging from the # of troops deployed, Osamas bin hiding in Germany all these years!


  8. I really think that God has a plan for your life and if you just trust in him, you will realize it. I am praying for you brother.

    Do you and your war mongering buddies chant this mantra when you're gunning down innocent Iraqi women and children too? Or do they even give the typing pool staff guns anymore?

  9. In the not too distant future when you're a bankrupt nation, the powers that be will just decide the only way out will be to wage war with the largest of your foreign debt holders. Declare the accounts balanced and continue to force feed you non stop sports and reality TV.


  10. This is a public service announcement

    With guitar

    Know your rights all three of them


    Number 1

    You have the right not to be killed

    Murder is a CRIME!

    Unless it was done by a

    Policeman or aristocrat

    Know your rights


    And Number 2

    You have the right to food money

    Providing of course you

    Don't mind a little

    Investigation, humiliation

    And if you cross your fingers



    Know your rights

    These are your rights



    Know these rights


    Number 3

    You have the right to free

    Speech as long as you're not

    Dumb enough to actually try it.


    Know your rights

    These are your rights

    All three of 'em

    It has been suggested

    In some quarters that this is not enough!



    Get off the streets

    Get off the streets


    You don't have a home to go to



    Finally then I will read you your rights


    You have the right to remain silent

    You are warned that anything you say

    Can and will be taken down

    And used as evidence against you


    Listen to this


  11. I think it takes more faith to not believe in God than it does to believe in Him.

    I don't understand how people can believe the earth, indeed the whole universe was created out of nothing, by accident. That by some infinitesimal odds the universe came into being from nothing. Then that nothing over billions of years became what we know today. An earth that has just the right amount of oxygen to support life, trees that give off this life giving gas by taking in the co we breath off and converting it. We have a star that just happens to be the exact distance from the earth to support life! Two humans can come together (ok, hahaha) and create a baby that grows inside of it's mothers womb till just the right time! All the electrical impulses in the brain and throughout the nervous system to make your body work, to breath, and the heart to beat. The ability to think (or at least most of us can!)


    In my opinion, that takes a lot of faith!!! People like odds, talking about "the odds of being struck by lightning", "winning the lottery", "an asteroid striking the earth". What about the odds of all this stuff coming together just so?


    This page goes into all the odds related to a spontaneous creation.



    I heard this on the radio and it really stuck with me. I believe in God. I believe Jesus is the son of God. I believe he died on the cross, was buried and on the third day was raised again. I believe he then ascended into heaven to be at the right hand of the father. I believe that through Jesus Christ I can have an eternal life in heaven after I die here. Because of this, I live my life with a hope, a hope of something eternal. Something to actually look forward to after I die! As a non believer, you can not imagine the hope, and the complete joy this gives to those of us who put our trust in God. You may live a good happy life as a non believer, but what about when you die? most athiests I have heard believe that death is it! That does not give you much to look forward to!! I would dread growing old!!!

    Now here is the thing, lets say I am wrong. Let's say that you are right, there is no God, no heaven, and no hell. When you die, you die, and that is all. I will not lose anything!!! I will have lived my life full of a hope in an eternal life, but then when I die I will not know that it did not happen! It would be over, the end, oh well!! And yet I still had a wonderful life while I was alive.

    Now lets turn the tables and say for a minute that I am right. There is a God, and a heaven and hell. You may live a very fulfilling, happy, wonderful life. But then when you die, what happens? I believe the Bible when it says "narrow is the gate to heaven, but wide is the gate to destruction". If you do not have God in your life, (remember, we're assuming for a moment that there is) then I believe you go to hell.

    Now this is why, as God fearing christians, we believe we need to tell everyone we can about Him!!! Not because we think we are better than anyone else (at least we shouldn't!!) but because we do care about our fellow humans! God wants for none to parish, but for all to live with him in eternity!!! And we need to do our part to let people know the Truth!

    Sorry for being so long winded!!!!!!!


    God Bless



    Dave are you sure you can handle the truth?

    The greatest fairy tale ever told is only for the weakminded and lost type who are desperately searching for something to save them from the pain/worry/hopelessness that their life situations

    throw them into. "Oh please god save me from (fill in the blank)" seems like such a cop out for not wanting to take responsibility for your own actions.

    As far as eternal life goes buddism seems the best way. You get to live many lives and are not under the rules of a omnipotent being, wiling away infinite days surrounded by do-gooding, funless hypocrites.

    check out this reincarnation forecast for your next life http://www.reincarnationstation.com/


    Be seein' ya,



  12. With scant months left in the term of the secret communist agent Bush, he has with help from the treasury, sequestered ownership of half of all private homes in the United Socialist States of Amerika with nary a shot fired.

    His brilliant campaign to create and maintain the repressive Patriot Act is sure to let the proper authorities keep an eye on troublesome people for many years to come. Heir apparents McCain/Palin fondly embrace this view of the future.

    So comrades, write your congressman for free bread, cheese and beer and let the state provide for you. Salute.


  13. Not to worry, King W. will make the correct decisions just as he has done the past 7 years.

    Just because Big Bro is involved in bailing out the largest corporate failures of all time and a dozen banks have been taken over as well(WaMu is next), doesn't mean the economy isn't strong. I mean, like really, the FDIC just guaranteed your money is safe, what more do you want http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article6108.html. And you can always just print more money...

    So what if the government owns the title to 1/2 the houses in the country with that move. Now get back to watching American Idol, eating your gruel and quit thinking.


    This is some creepy shit. Like an exotic marine species, Russia continues to spread...


    Like the tentacles of the US military currently in 130 countries you mean?

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