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  1. If you want a ultra-lite harness for alpine use you should check out www.cilao.com . I have the OZ22 and it weighs 100gm (3.5oz). They dont come much lighter! Probably not the best harness for hanging in, but it is very small and lite. I would have to agree with Ade's comments: "A really lightweight mountain harness isn't designed to be super comfortable for taking big falls or hanging in for long periods. If you're doing either of these things by choice in the mountains then something's gone badly wrong."
  2. Suggestions for alpine harness....

    Opps, Typo! Try www.cilao.com (original reply has been edited)
  3. Suggestions for alpine harness....

    (non-bulky, light weight, harness) I would check out the OZ 22 by Cilao . It weighs 100 grams! I just got one and it is the ultimate minimal harness. However not that much fun to hang in. www.cilao.com.
  4. Explain this picture please

    Or it could be a multiple exposure. Using a 200mm+ lens take a photo of the full moon with nothing in the frame but dark sky. Shutter speeds must be faster than 1/30th because the moon is moving. Do not advance the film recompose and take second (or third) image. My guess is this is what happened, I think the sun or blown out moon is the additional image. If you remove it the photo is possible in a single frame. Full Moon
  5. Not best beer, best beer name

    Back Hand Of God Stout. Old Pudding Head Christmas Ale. http://www.crannogales.com/ Sorrento, BC. They sell party pigs/bombs (8.5L) Great for those trips to the Rockies or Rogers Pass!
  6. NEW Scarpa Freney XT Size 43 $185 plus shipping

    I would like to try them on if at all possible. Where do you live? I am based in Vancouver, BC. PM me. Your email is not working.
  7. Scarpa Freney XT opinions

    I have a pair of Freney XTs for sale. Sz 42 (8.5/9) They are brand new and in the box. Check the Yard Sale.
  8. scarpa freney, old and new

    The old Freney had a wider heel cup and the Disco XT is has a slightly narrower heel cup. Both are insulated. The Old Freney is a bit heavier 2.05Kg vs 1.8Kg (Sz42). Having tried both on I get little or no heel movement with the XT. With the Old Freney I could not get my heels locked down (which is important if you are to spend any time on your frontpoints). The size curve (length) seemed the the same for both. I have a pair of XTs that don't fit Sz42 (8.5/9)Brand new in the box for sale check the Yard Sale.
  9. Anyone can make their own heads at most sailing shops. Ask nice and explain what you are making them for and they will either kick you out for being a nutter or leave you alone to build what you need. There used to be shop close to Granville Island (Vancouver) that let me make all kinds of wierd bits and pieces. You just pay for what you use. Cheap and easy!
  10. Hi Michael. I am interested. Check your PMs
  11. Your loss is their gain. The 2Fs I am selling are NEW !!! A quick search on google and a pair of 2Fs sells for $95-$155 US + tax. Given the exchange rates and that my price is negotiable my asking price is reasonable. Is the reason that you are pestering me via this thread because you are upset at giving away your 2Fs.
  12. RE: $$$$$$$$... Get a job ya "Bum"!
  13. Rubbermaid Bin (not)Full of Aid Gear. Mostly sold PM or Call Dana 604 675 9396. Bin contains: -30 misc. biners -#3 Alu. Bongs -Old Metolious Cams 0,1,2&3 -Rock Exotica Solo Aid Device -2 Sream Aids -3 Yates adjustable daisies PM or Call Dana 604 675 9396.
  14. All Prices in Canadian $$$. -Scarpa Freney XT $400 Sz 42 (8.5/9) New In Box! -Scarpa Pro Ascent $135 Sz 42 (8.5/9) Used Once. -Asolo 102 Double Plastics Sz 9 Good Cond. $135. -Charlet Moser Gr.8 Crampons(W/ Bi & Mono Plates)+ Spare points Good Cond. $135. -Grivel 2F Cramp-o-matic, New In Box(Used CM Heel Levers)$135 PM or Call Dana 604 675 9396.
  15. Nikon F4S + MB20 $1200, AFED 80-200mmF2.8 $1100, MF105mmF2.8 Macro $500, PN-11 $100, TC-14A $300, Various Filters $20+, Gitzo Tripod CF1127 $500, Kirk Ballhead BH-3 $300, Most Items Like New In Box. Negot. PRICES IN CANADIAN. PM or Call Dana 604 675 9396.