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  1. Road Closures

    Blake, I wondered if that was you. Are you coming back to Stehekin this summer? Looks like another drought year, it's already dry around here. Probably more fires again. The plus side is that the fishing should be good early with not much of a run-off. See ya, Scott
  2. Road Closures

    I work on Trails out of Stehekin... things are kind of a mess here, in terms of trails and roads. We're still finding out the extent of the flood damage done to our trail system. Of interest to hikers and climbers would be: (As said before)-Bridge Creek/PCT Trail was affected at the Maple Creek crossing (this is north of Junction with North Fork of Bridge Creek about 1 1/2 miles). Hikers suspension bridge was damaged and won't be repaired for at least a couple of weeks, if not more. North Fork of Bridge Creek-we don't yet know about this trail, it's still under snow. We're worried the footlog might be out at Grizzly Creek. This would make a challenging crossing for hikers and climbers heading up this drainage to get close to Goode. Park Creek drainage-haven't been able to go up this trail yet either. We're worried that the foot log at Two Mile is gone. There is a major slide in this drainage, further up, that has been seen by air which probably has affected the hiking trail. If the footlog is gone, crossing at Two Mile will be challenging. Since Thunder Basin (on the west side of Park Creek pass) is so damaged from flooding this trail won't be high on our priority list. Cascade Pass Trail- Basin Creek campground and suspension bridge was totally blown out by a land slide. Currently no camping is allowed there and crossing Basin Creek en route to Cascade Pass is hazardous. In summary, any bridge or footlog crossing was either destroyed or might have been affected (a couple we're not sure about), so stream crossings are a reality in our area. Also, sections of trail have just disappeared, either through land slides or movement of streams. Be prepared to bushwack and find your way if necessary. It will probably take at least a couple of summers before things are back to normal, if ever. If you're coming to Stehekin, be prepared to walk a long ways to get to the trailheads since there is no Park Service shuttle (no more road). Typical government situation-work load increases, but budgets are continually cut.