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  1. Trip: MT HOOD - Sandy Glacier HW

    Trip Date: 03/13/2021

    Trip Report:

    5453D765-84D3-4AE7-9DE0-E6B4418DB64D.thumb.jpeg.d0b8a04ad6d3a80a79d6fce1d7720c5d.jpegWith the long Conga Line heading up the mtn Saturday morning our plans to head somewhere different was set.  Sandy Glacier HW being the last face we haven’t climbed this year seemed like a great choice.  

        Made great time up to Illumination and quickly headed down and over to cross Yokum at 8600ft.  Made it up and mostly over Yokum but a huge fracture line had me second guess that variation so we down climbed and traversed back down to the Reid and made our way down to the normal low crossing route around 7600ft.  At this point the snow wasn’t too bad and travel was fairly quick. Once we hit the Sandy we encountered some really amazing powder and had a few thousand painfully slow feet of snow swimming intermixed with a few feet of front pointing on ice.  
        Overall the route is more of a hike than a climb.  Definitely can be done with just ski poles With the conditions we had.
        Overall summary/recommendations  for anyone looking to head over to the Sandy HW would be definitely jet down to the lower traverse around Yokum.  in my opinion it is an overall faster option. The HW itself is not technical but is a really long slog up although it’s a beautiful side of the mtn that most of us rarely see.  

    Gear Notes:
    30M rad line for the glacier crossing

    Approach Notes:
    TImberline to IR down and over to Sandy.
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  2. 7DF17EA8-8C9F-483A-9D5D-5FF85FEDF8E5.thumb.jpeg.2cd718b6660cdeb209722f5c9c75e158.jpeg9B4E34A2-83D0-4372-B38F-404BC2F0E233.thumb.jpeg.108e173cc8470978931068eab5d5db99.jpeg7FD08255-85FE-4EFF-900A-4C5A7BBD3DCD.thumb.jpeg.b0f0bf6270eabb26d7b430f34baf1f66.jpeg7D652248-B426-4684-A6A7-316CF9E6CF2A.thumb.jpeg.74f3255803ce2cc3efdcd5f58ffbf6f5.jpegA721835A-F127-4E6E-8F9F-42D7E991AF56.thumb.jpeg.b4ad6ad0ed10f827e1d136a9639a6e73.jpeg579B71CB-7ED9-4087-9FA9-6D601F40B4B1.thumb.jpeg.f9a9a89a603c55687a844c05ae2746ee.jpeg50D04115-E9D9-48CA-827D-0E7E87AE61FD.thumb.jpeg.cf908dc2a4da89e3ff49bc6540bfb39b.jpegTrip: MT HOOD - Reid glacier HW

    Trip Date: 01/09/2021

    Trip Report:


    We climbed Reid HW yesterday.  Taking the longer 8a variation.  CURRENT ROUTE CONDITIONS: Deep snow from IR over to the base of the route with a bit of snow swimming as you approach the base of the route.  Most of the ice steps/ramps consist of hollow ice right now and are much shorter than normal.  We did manage to find one steep 60-70M AI3 full value rime/hollow ice pitch.  This could be avoided by going farther left up a short ramp.  Overall the route right now is mainly steep deep snow, hollow ice and good old MT. Hood rime.  

    Gear Notes:
    Two tools

    Approach Notes:
    IR and over to route


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  3. N. Face Left Gully: Climbed yesterday.  Currently the best conditions that i have ever seen the N. Face left gully and completely different terrain than my other times climbing it.  Ice almost the entire way up and 6 different steep ice steps, 2 of which you could bypass if you desired.(First 7 pictures)

    Reid HW: checked out last weekend.  Knee deep snow slog to the base.  Still just powder on that side of the mtn, not much ice or firm snow yet. (Picture 8-9)

    Black Spider: Currently the warm weather has melted most of the snow and the face is looking dry.  A little ice forming on a few of the routes but not close to being ready for the season in my opinion. (Picture 10)  

    DKH Var 1: As of last week it is dirty choss ice.  Climbable but more of a rotten ice/dirt climb right now.  (Last Picture)

    Hope this info helps anyone who is curious about the different aspects of the mtn.  I will try to actually post about conditions every few weeks if people care to know what is in and what is not.  

    IMG_4754.jpeg.86e29f1dd871a460b9b8cbbe9d616d94.jpegIMG_4715.thumb.jpeg.858c42cf02a75ab3c84f772791d8af6e.jpegIMG_4976.thumb.jpeg.f5a08ff33a826c2baca271bdb750b046.jpegIMG_4698.thumb.jpeg.1986f668b387f82368f5fb2913dd2f05.jpegIMG_4967.thumb.jpeg.d2da12bb7103af2a59e01da1ef3717bf.jpegs for anyone who is in IMG_4693.thumb.jpeg.683c06bf555ef4c28ef83630ee1f1f8a.jpegIMG_4712.thumb.jpeg.d31be65f11eb799eaa6eba42e700174a.jpeg



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  4. This is a long shot, but my yellow (looks gold) patagonia M10 jacket was blown down into the newton clark glacier as we were crossing low on our way to the Wyeast face.  If anyone somehow finds this badboy i would give a solid reward.  


  5. Trip: MT. HOOD - Devils Kitchen Headwall

    Trip Date: 02/12/2020

    Trip Report:

    I took advantage of this short weather window that we have finally been given and ran up to Hood for a quick session this morning.  Overall the snow was much more compact than i would have guessed making for quick progress up to hot rocks.  DKH looked thin from hot rocks, but beggars can't be choosers so i took what i could get.  Overall the route is very climbable albeit not as cruiser as it is in the spring after a few good freeze thaw cycles.  There is definitely not enough thick ice to place any protection if that's something you would want to do. below are some pics.  i also took  few shots of the N.side and the top of the Elliott headwall if anyone was wondering what that's looking like right now.   







    Gear Notes:
    two ice tools

    Approach Notes:
    skin up, climb, ski down. strava had me at a little over 3hr30min car to car.
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  6. We climbed up the south side and down and around to check out the Elliot Headwall.  The N. Side still looks like it needs one more dusting of snow to hold things together and some colder temps.  


  7. C3007589-CCF0-4D07-9302-23C1E1C0E590.thumb.jpeg.2fc4878caea03004540e6f8f7039a0fc.jpeg381C2A9E-90D7-47DF-B85D-B8986C22B18E.thumb.jpeg.41b2c9d201f5e86f321bc0d1319d3762.jpeg2C7B9AF7-5721-4B1E-9FCB-E04827738EB8.thumb.jpeg.90b60c408c0254415463a1cdb10c527b.jpegTrip: MT. HOOD - Devils Kitchen Headwall

    Trip Date: 03/10/2019

    Trip Report:


    (please forgive my subpar writing ability) Mike and I started up from Timberline at 5am on Sunday with our eyes set on the Reid headwall.  As we headed up the groomers to the top of palmer everything was going smooth.  Once above palmer we slowly made our way over to illumination rock, breaking trail in some good old thigh deep powder.  One would think that this would be a pretty good sign that the Reid headwall is probably not in, but we were both too stubborn to call it.  We stopped for a quick second once we hit Illumination rock to put our crampons on and then headed down to the base of Reid headwall.  CXByFcJDSy20clZcE1DQLg.thumb.jpg.e45cd78551c2fd4c3cacc5463af2a13b.jpg


    The first 20 feet started out as really nice hard packed snow and them quickly turned into thigh to mid chest deep powder.  We managed to make it about 70% of the way to the base before we decided that it would take us a week to wade through the snow to the base.  At this point we had two options, option A) head home, option B) slog through the thigh deep snow back up and over to the Devils kitchen headwall.  Naturally we went with option B)5c86a692975b1_qbbLOzZcSDmABs9oriqw.thumb.jpg.68a423396dac2088218b354c135ed9df.jpg

    After a good effort to get up to DKH we ran into another party down below that was aiming for the DKH.  On any other day with snow conditions not so unforgiving we might have beat them to the base of the route.  Not today though, these smart guys were skinning up like the rest of the smart people on the mountain.  As we followed up through the deep snow we were faced with another dilemma.  Do we follow these guys up the regular DKH route or give them some space like good humans and find another route.  Once again we went with the second option and decided to head up to the DKH Variation on the right.  bU2sIdkrTvKstY31t0crPA.thumb.jpg.e48f2e7aa8029bff15493460d95db2bd.jpg

    As we headed up the snow was just getting worse, but we kept going optimistic that maybe we would find some ice or firm snow.  XT396Oq7QXOalWLxqk6GPg.thumb.jpg.08381811d47ff2dc6f8915d57385bbfd.jpg

    Once we got to the beginning of the first step in the DKH variation route it quickly became evident that this was not in.  To really confirm this i headed up the first step to see what the snow was like above.  To my surprise it was total shit.... Now what do we do? Give up and finally call it a day? Definitely not! So we headed back down and waded through the snow once again over to the standard DKH route thinking that the two guys in front of us must be more or less off by now.  5c86a69edcd8b_jQA04QoQZCYPMw9niEWA.thumb.jpg.59f5f897a32153d9df7fdd0a098b3eeb.jpgBingo! finally some decent climbing conditions.  

    o7PsEVevTfCpfmWZ7ghpIQ.thumb.jpg.37de78bdccbd548aae1d65e7b0b48bd9.jpgLooking up into the main couloir.  

    5c86a6a2515c2_VfpGxZXRmyPQOrqY9ZLEw.thumb.jpg.e8cf579400d259bee257c8fa15a2b11d.jpgMike climbing up the first Ice step. 

    9kzM3xfPSSuhuYylGBhCFg.thumb.jpg.967ea77296ddf5046383b6d35dfd60c0.jpgLooking up the Second ice step.  Conditions were really good on this and the Ice was thick.  93DF9WveQ8iXJtoaJMaoAg.thumb.jpg.cc638c77e39f096c5454320122e24e0a.jpgMike at the bottom of the second ice step.

    5c86a6aca8b69_NAmJrnrBSsGByZEE1Dxmg.thumb.jpg.d35fb5d6038769a0533d3271a11c7de5.jpggetting the rope organized below the second ice step. 

    ivmyt88XQ6O0suPgSHKudQ.thumb.jpg.cc1de75935e0a8f38c86c3484a027a1a.jpgMike topping out the second ice step. 


    5c86a6b33f9a1_gD3NtJSKOw5iDqL1LbtA.thumb.jpg.97a10a55df4548dbe94273b3d3ac5f3a.jpgIPUfzVCCQOO4PXxR9GMHsg.thumb.jpg.553bdc22bc246701b2daf9eeb0c333db.jpgLooking up towards the final slopes to the summit.  The climbing was really mellow from here on up.  5c86a6b90a0cb_nGYMrC7oQu0b0P4MgfC7Q.thumb.jpg.130a473b1a5bce51aad29c25949b9fda.jpgmike coming up the last little bit before the summit ridge

    5c86a6bb0d5e0_ZpRsIilKTRGVttl3Svmcg.thumb.jpg.9d78cf03db371fb948ba46268061e8ca.jpgSummit ridge finally! 5c86a6bd21291_X4tOYCxrTvy3CZx8nWbGA.thumb.jpg.696461dfb30170d7493e61f1ec247740.jpg

    All in all our day was longer than usual but we finally managed to climb something!  DKH is definitely in good conditions right now.  Ice is fairly thick and does take screws nicely.  No need for really anything other than a handful of short screws right now.  

    Gear Notes:
    3 Ice screws

    Approach Notes:
    Thigh deep powder

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  8. Trip: MT. HOOD - Wy'East Face

    Trip Date: 01/26/2019

    Trip Report:

    With the warm inversion taking place and fairly certain most other routes would be full of falling ice Mike and I decided to climb the Wy'East.  We left the car at 4:30am with the temperature in the mid 40's, but the surface/snow temps fairly reasonable.  Mike and I left the car with the intention of getting to the top of palmer in under and hour but unfortunately for the 5th time so far this year we just missed it and managed to hit the top of palmer right at 5:36am. 5dJH0D5PRXWJLsjZvGAT7w.thumb.jpg.2b8a837707b1f06c269a1c3b2ebcd6ad.jpg5c4dd11e44699_9VYtzI61Q1K8WDa8x3mzw.thumb.jpg.152d8c1369392708edb7a37eb58883b2.jpg

     Once at the top of palmer we traversed slightly up as we made our way over to the White River glacier.  We did rope up to cross the glacier although everything is pretty covered up right now.  From here we had a quick look at the South face of the steel cliffs just to see if it might be in condition and it definitely was not so we continued down and around to the standard Wy'East route.5c4dd46ce241e_fUqkzv8oQ12FJoqUkZi2Q.thumb.jpg.874a69605a9e43e3920aa9244d1727fc.jpgIMG_9942.thumb.JPG.664d13671e3176d093bca837ac131b43.JPG5c4dd517abd53_6dxzsFPSKbeJRAgf0iTA.thumb.jpg.b1f9f17af9ed7039140cc54a19064aac.jpgMXXVrh5LS9qHy9qnMCnL5A.thumb.jpg.9b2eca48c2182643130293865336fc10.jpg  This was our first time climbing the full Wy'East route and overall we think that the conditions were pretty good.  The guide book is pretty spot on with the description although the traverse really inst that exposed and the overall climbing is extremely straight forward and mellow.  With surface temps being a lot better than we had planned we topped out and then decided to run down to illumination rock and see if we might be lucky enough to hit one of the south west side routes before they became ice/rockfall funnels.NPOVTRgvQ3yhz5zPU4dUww.thumb.jpg.e5da6b601db1c9d48a0bfc5900983eeb.jpgOhtqW3WZQrKCDPsNm9xtEg.thumb.jpg.f3f33eab0bd1b4d2c26806a1677df245.jpgLZAnlU89TBWdvYoKXwA0kA.thumb.jpg.5709a525711e509e62949cb56559da09.jpg  Unfortunately once we got there and started to head down we quickly realized that we might be a dollar short and a day late as ice was just screaming down.  Overall it was a great day with stellar spring like conditions.  

    Gear Notes:
    2 x pickets (didn't use them and not really any need for them on this route)

    Approach Notes:
    Standard south side route up to Palmer then traversed up and over to the White River Glacier. We roped up for this crossing although everything is pretty closed up right now.
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  9. This tent is basically new. Only used twice. i stepped on one of the poles and cracked it, you can send it to MSR and theyll send you a new one ive just been to lazy to do this. Great price on a great tent if you are interested please give me a call 503-701-5809.

  10. i have a BD mondo crash pad which is basically new and a BD Satellite crash pad which has been used a handful of times but also in great condition. These are the two largest pads BD makes. If i bouldered more than once a year id keep them but i dont.


    Mondo: $180 obo

    Satellite: $100 obo

  11. Doing the approach from meadows would be a huge hassle. Starting at the Tilly jane trail head and walking will still work just fine. The fires that happened over the summer and the closed areas will not affect this. As for the time to climb the route including the hike in? a fit party should have no problem going car to car in 12 hrs. i have done it in as little as 8 but we had no snags and had previously done the route quite a few times.

  12. Black diamond Cobra ice tools with detachable leashes and new picks. These tools have only been used a few times and are like new! Total value new is over $700 with leashes, picks ect....Please give me a call if you are interested. (503)701-5809 I live in the portland area.