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  1. WTB: Aether 75 or Aether 90- MEDIUM or Large

    I have a denali pro for sale here - http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/448222/an/0/page/0#448222

    stainless steal housing or composite? Interested in any trades?
  3. I have a Gregory denali pro pack for sale. Used 4 times, in very good shape. Can provide pictures. Size is a medium all around. 250.00 shipped. References under bolvangar at heatware.com Will accept paypal/check/money order.
  4. Can anyone reccomend any good gear shops in the Miami area? I'm heading over there and would like to check them out if there are any. Chris.
  5. Updated Climbing Gear and Single Wall Tent Sale

    I picked up a few things from him too, no problems. He did specify first come first serve to me, not sure about you guys.
  6. la sportiva katanas and miuras 4 sale

    pm'd you the other day, no response.......
  7. TNF store 75% off ALL climbing gear

    Just looking for a pair of shoes, they won't ship will they?
  8. TNF store 75% off ALL climbing gear

    Anyone willing to go up there and see if they have a few things left for me?
  9. TNF store 75% off ALL climbing gear

    I hate when people do that sh*t, i really hope TNF didn't let him buy all that.
  10. TNF store 75% off ALL climbing gear

    Anyone willing to pick a few things up and ship them to florida for me? pm or email me. Chris
  11. denali gear

    ah wish that was a medium ff parka!
  12. WTB: Lots of stuff

    I am only looking for stuff that is in VERY good condition, with no signs of wear and tear. I can't give exact sizes on this, but give me what size you have and I will look up the info for each company's sizing. I'm about 5'9, 140lbs, 9 shoes size, and around a 30-32 waist. If you have anything thats wayyy off that, don't bother. 5000 cu or more internal frame backpack Double plastic boots Sleeping bag (rated to 0ยบ F or lower, no short bags) Sleeping pad Parka Shell jacket fleece jacket/pants Gaiters Headlamp carabiners and other climbing hardware Ice axe(s) crampons If you can't tell, it will be my first time climbing in the next few months Thanks!
  13. WTB: Lots of stuff

    Not to me, I'm still looking for some everyone!
  14. A friend and I were planning on going up Mt rainier with RMI, and doing their expedition style seminar. We've heard a lot of mixed opinions on them though. All the other companies I have found are completely booked for this year, so I thought this may be the next best thing. Were possibly looking for a local to take us up the mountain. Both of us have limited summer rock climbing experience, but no kind of winter experience whatsoever. We would be looking for someone to do something similiar to the rmi expedition seminar for us. Spend a few days teaching us as much as possible, and then spend a few days going up the mountain. We are both mature college students, no drinking or drugs (believe it or not) both in good condition, and plan to do nothing but get in even better condition in the mean time. If anyone has any opinions on RMI, I'd like to hear them if possible. Or if you'd like to offer your services to us, pm me some details about your climbing experience and a cost of course. Thanks! Chris.
  15. WTB: Lots of stuff

    Straight from their website - "Each individual participating on a summit climb or seminar MUST have the mountaineering equipment and miscellaneous items listed below. Do not jeopardize your safety, comfort or success - bring every item." The person I talked to at RMI also said I will be left behind if I did not bring exactly what was on the list.
  16. WTB: Lots of stuff

    Yea, a lot of people have told me to go for leather boots for rainier. Unfortunatly it looks like I may be going up with RMI and they absolutely positively require plastic boots.
  17. WTB: Lots of stuff

    Got the parka, pants, and glasses. Still looking for a lot of stuff! Can anyone reccomend good boots/crampons/ice axe ? All will be used for mountaineering and a bit of ice. I'd like to have something that works good for both.
  18. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    I am not asking for the impossible, and this is definatly not going to be a 1 time thing. Also like I said, I am open to other mountains to learn things on. Oh and that book is allready on order from amazon
  19. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    still possibly looking for someone!
  20. Trip Hop/Trance Music

    Trance.... Dj Tiesto Dj Sammy Ultra Trance 1,2,3 Trance Sessions ATB Louie Devito Paul Oakenfold
  21. WTB: Lots of stuff

    I'm not sure if I'm going up with RMI or not, but that's their requirements as far as gear, so I better get it all just incase, dont wanna be left behind cause i didn't bring something heheh.
  22. Hey, I can't send you a pm. can you enable it or give me an email addy please. thanks.
  23. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    Only 2 so so far, and no real responses back yet If someone wants to take us up for free, I'm more than willing to pay for all costs, gas, and some new equipment for you like many have suggested I'm also open to other mountain suggestions, it dosen't have to be rainier. We would like to try some ice climbing before we leave too if at all possible.
  24. Looking for a guide up Mt Rainier

    I was unaware of that. So I guess we are only looking for a guide with a permit!