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  1. Hi Everyone, Just a heads up that logging is planned for Olson Creek impacting Long House climbing area, north east side of the Chief and the south face of Slhanay including climbing access and hiking trails to all three. The local BC Timber sales office has claimed they did their due diligence identifying competing community values but climbers only found out about it after flagging/surveyor tape was founded near the Long House earlier this summer. For more info: here and here To many of us, this is simply not acceptable. If you feel the same way please send an email the BC government as described in the above links the sooner the better. And support the Squamish Access Society through membership http://squamishaccess.ca/ Here is a shot showing part of the proposed area to be logged. (I can't take credit for the image, see above links for original.
  2. Snow pulse LifeBag 30L/45L size M/L. Purchased summer 2010 and used for one season. This is the one with zip on/off 30L and 45L outer packs and both are included. Great shape: one small tear in 30L shell (will repair if requested), no airbag deployment Just doesn't fit well enough (I'm too tall, 6'4") $650 + split shipping Will also consider trades/partial trades for (in order of preference): 1-Dynafit/tech bindings 2-Maestrals size 29.5 3-Advanced beacon (Pulse, Pieps DSP, S1, etc) 4-110+ mm boards with rocker, etc., length: >181 5-narrower (~90 mm) mountaineering ski (G3 Saint) length >185 best to email: dj dot at dot yvr attt gmail dottie com can meet in Bellingham, Vancouver, Squamish
  3. I've got a copy in great condition. $20 shipped
  4. I bought a pair of dragonflies from MEC for an ice climbing trip in the rockies over xmas. After the third rap from the first route we climbed (off an established, bolted rap route, straight down), one was rendered useless...a cut into the core. Granted Rockies limestone can be sharp...but pretty scary lack of abrasion resistance. On similar terrain, my genisis lasted 3+ years.
  5. thanks MH...doesn't look good.
  6. Anyone been up Clear Creek FSR in the past two weeks? The Forest Service conditions link says it is closed at Frog Lake...but I don't about a Frog lake...anyone know where that is relative to GGB? TIA Indy
  7. Hi All, Due to surgery etc we have two spots open for a self-guided, self-catered week in Fairy Meadows Jan 26-Feb 2 . Mix of easy going AT and free-heelers most in ages of mid 30s-mid 40s with good gender balance. Must have avy training, backcountry experience, etc. $725+GST/spot which includes heli in/out and lodge fees More info here FM linky In the words of Chic Scott: "it is a skiing paradise." Pic from last year at flight day out: had to leave plenty of pow. Please contact me for more details, etc. dj.at.yvr AT gmail DOT com Cheers, David
  8. Anyone looking for a partner for Sat? Single or Multi upto mid 10s. Due to ankle recovery issues, I can't climb crack the entire day, but one or two pitches should be fine. PM me or dj.at.yvr gmail
  9. I thought a few places where SS and Dreamer cross were a bit runout. Aren't there places for 25 footers or maybe I'm just a puss.
  10. thanks Dru, 40ft is runout for me. What the grade of the crux, calibrated to squamish slabs? And which topo are you talking about? Lyle's book doesn't list the bolts/pitch.
  11. So I've got my eye on Reality Check...have done Yak Check before, so what are the first 6 pitches of Reality Check like? Rumor has it the 10+ pitch is run-out slab. True? Any worse than the run-outs on Dreamer? Other pitches have pro? TIA
  12. There are two huge corrals of chicken wire, along with pre-cut stakes. You don't need to bring any. I was there last week. That being said I like to bring my own stucco wire rather than use Chicken wire -much easier to set up -much stiffer so no worries about it drooping down -$25 from Home Despot -rolls up nicely to use again later -no stitching of random pieces together.
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