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  1. Lost partner--last seen in Tetons

    Are you my lost mountain man? YOU: Slim, attactive, tall, growing lamb chops, blue eyes, six pack, blue windshirt, nice ice tools ME: novice, long blonde hair, blue eyes, sexy smile, skin white as snow, nice curves but not too many It was June. We shared a tent with that pretty boy who said he was going to go outside but never did. I read to you. A marmot maybe stole our soynuts, you unziped my bag with your smile then you loaned me your ice axe. If this is your tale or if you think you know who this guy was let me know. I want to see him/you again. We didn't finish the book.
  2. Need a Job in the Eugene Area

    Anyone know of any job openings for a recent M. Phil. graduate who is not opposed to washing dishes, teaching classes, cleaning up after zoo animals or working ouside? I will be in need of an income in March out west but live as far east as you can almost get in the usa. Any leads will be appeciated. Insults and suggestions of cage dancing will be met with disdain. Zenolith also needs a job. Fellow climbers, take care of us unemployed ones and we will employ you in turn! Anyone who can get a job for me and my mountain man will get free homebrew for a month!
  3. Lost partner--last seen in Tetons

    Now I got a picture of me, too, well-hung-native-man. LW
  4. props to Steve Gough

    If you are going to be naked outdoors and not doing the thing I know you are thinking of, you might as well make it a place warmer than England. You'd freeze your nipples off, among other things.
  5. Lost partner--last seen in Tetons

    Is that picture what I think it is--elaphantiasis? I had an easy ho at 2 cats this morning again. Yum. That would be two eggs over easy, hash browns and a biscuit and coffee to all you climbers out there who think I am frequenting a bordello. Why would I with a man like Zenolith to please me? Check out those huevos. Ouch. Do they make a jock strap for that kind of thing?
  6. Well, boys...

    ... looks like the brightest bulbs in the marquee of life are not lit in this forum. Has anypne heard from xenolith lately? I have been looking for him to get an alpine start, if you know what I mean.
  7. Well, boys...

    I see. You didn't have me fooled--I knew that wasn't you in the blue squeee top.
  8. Well, boys...

    to get insulted, you frustrated little man! So is it really true that guys log on here pretending to be women? Do tell which is which. Are there any gals on this sight at all? The male pheremones are all over this place, or maybe that phenomenon just comes along when zenolith shows up.
  9. Well, boys...

    Toilet mouth. Maybe I'll cut off my hair and wrap my petite chest in an ace bandage and start delivering the paper, your pizzas and generally haunting you until you start to get a liking for little boys...
  10. Lost partner--last seen in Tetons

    Hey, zenolith, is that really you? Test: what was summer made for? What is Honnie's current fertility state and what is your porn name? (And, no, to that last comment. It wasn't greg louganis--it was the Diary of Anne Frank!)
  11. Well, boys...

    Are there enogh to go around out there or do you all have to import them from back east?
  12. Well, boys...

    ... and there is a hot blonde mountaineeress tele chick trying to track him down. So any word from those who know him is good news, friend who when he farts at the beach the steelheads go upstream.
  13. Well, boys...

    haven't seen xenolith around, I take it. Anybody else out there more articulate?