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  1. Scarpa Invernos, size 11 1/2, used a half dozen times, in excellent condition, for $125 (shipping included). Thanks, Bob
  2. Favorite climbing book?

    I tend to agree that the title, alone, doesn't suggest that it's a compelling read. Be that as it may be, this guy put up first ascents in Alaska, which, at the time, were the hardest routes being put up. Roberts recounts his expeditions in incredible detail, and its absorbing reading.
  3. Favorite climbing book?

    On the Ridge Between Life and Death : A Climbing Life Reexamined, by David Roberts. Not only does Roberts make one open his eyes to the risks inherent in climbing, he tells unbelievable stories of his expeditions in Alaska and Canada.
  4. For sale - Scarpa Inverno's, size 11 1/2, in very good condition. $120 shipped. They've been used only a half a dozen times on 1-2 day trips to the Adirondacks. PM me if you're interested. Would like to use paypal. Bob
  5. FS: Nepal Evo's GTX (size 47) - $350 Used Once

    I'm dropping the price on these boots to $300. For further details see below.
  6. I'm selling a new pair of Nepal Evo's GTX boots, size 47, that I only recently purchased, and which have only been used once on a Huntington Ravine ice climb last month. The boots are in perfect condition. I'm selling the boots for $350 including shipping. These boots sell for $420. I bought these boots in a rush before while conditions were still in, and couldn't find any retailers that had my size in stock. I gambled and lost. I need to sell this pair so I can buy a new pair that are the correct size. I'll accept a certified or cashier's check, then send the boots out. This should make someone's day. Thanks, Bob
  7. Going Leashless w/ Petzl Quark w/Griprest

    All - thanks for the responses. They've all been very helpul. Up til now, I've rented/borrowed tools, and I've only swung leashless (Quarks, Aztars, Cobras). I came across a good deal on the Quarks, and it was too good to pass up. Sport climbing isn't in my future. I'll be using them for waterfall and mixed climbing.
  8. Anyone going leashless with Petzl Quark w/Griprest? How do they compare leashless with the Ergo? Thanks.
  9. Best crampons for La Sportiva Nuptse

    Thanks. Did you need to order an extender bar? And you have size 47's, correct? Bob
  10. Best crampons for La Sportiva Nuptse

    I've had a litte better luck fitting the Sarkens. True, the lug has a tendency to get "caught" under the side bar, but with a little manipulation, the side bar can be pushed over the side of the lug. Easy to do in the parking lot, for sure, but on a climb, might be a pain. Take a look at the lever lock style of Sarkens rather than the side lock (or whatever its called). See the link below. Bob http://www.alaskamountaineering.com/Product.cfm?id=148
  11. Best crampons for La Sportiva Nuptse

    Thanks to both for your replies. I too have the leverlock, and I've been having problems fitting the heel. The bail coming down alongside the boot hits the lug. I wonder if the bail needs to be "widened" a bit. I don't know. I had been assuming that this was operator error - now I'm not so sure. I'd look forward to hearing the feedback that you get. Bob
  12. Best crampons for La Sportiva Nuptse

    Thanks all for your input.
  13. I'm looking for opinions on which crampons might work best with La Sportiva Nupte - size 12. I have concerns that the toe bail or heel clamp on some crampons might be too narrow. I'm looking primarily for general mountaineering crampons, which, on occasion, would be used for climbing vertical/near vertical ice. I'm focused at the moment on Sabretooth's and G-14. Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. F/S - Scarpa Inverno, size 11/12, in superb condition for $150. Used less than 10 times over the past two seasons. email if interested: rvilter@optonline.net
  15. WTB: Plastic Double boots size 11

    I'm selling a pair of Scarpa Invernos, inner boot size 11 1/2, shell size 12 for $150. See my post below from last week.