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  1. Got the first video into the gallery come and check it out at http://getbeta.com/video_gallery.asp web page
  2. Happy 2005 Everyone We are looking to make it a great year at GetBeta.com If you haven't visited lately then swing on by and check out the new features and participate in our January Photo Contest for a chance to win a point and shoot digital camera. http://GetBeta.com Here's what's new -------------------------- Events Calendar - Find and post climbing events in your area here. You can now filter location listings by country and location type. Route listings can also be filtered. Making it easy to find all of the 4 star routes at the Red posted on the site. New Random Photo Generator Photo Ranking Feature Contributing Member Score Card. (See how your score stacks up with other contributing members.) Thanks for visiting in the past and offering up ideas on how we can make the site better. We look forward to seeing you again and hearing more of your ideas. Matt
  3. Last day to get your submissions in for the November photo contest. Voting starts tomorrow. There aren't many competitors this month so your odds to win are good. Just submit a photo to the gallery to win. http://getbeta.com
  4. Share your video at GetBeta.com

    http://getbeta.com Submit your climbing related photos to the Gallery through the month of October and become eligible to win a Logitech 9612340403 Digital Camera Point and Shoot - 1.3 Megapixels ($150 value). Only photos received during October are eligible for the contest. Voting for the winner will take place during the first week of November, when a ballot will be made available. A winner will be determined by the number of votes they receive, the photo receiving the most votes wins. Members can only vote once, but can submit as many different photos as they like. Votes will be tallied in real time and will be displayed on the contest page next to the photo allowing you to see how well your photo is doing right up until the voting is completed. The prize will be awarded to the person submitting the photo that received the most votes. In the event of a tie Get Beta staff will select the winner.
  5. Share your video at GetBeta.com

    Looking for anything climbing related, Id love to see it.Let meknow if you have questions on where or how to post schtuff.
  6. Critique

    Hey everyone just letting you know about some new features at GetBeta.com. Check it http://getbeta.com - Updated Climbing Resume Tool (aka Tick List) - Climbing Calculators - New Routes / Images - No More Frames
  7. Which website rulez number 1 for you?

    Have you checked out http://GetBeta.com
  8. Hey everyone just letting you know about some new features at GetBeta.com. Check it http://getbeta.com -New contributions management tools -Upload and share video with the guide -Friendlier navigation -Great new photos -See what others have contributed -Comment on photos -Location weather forecasts -and of course You Personalized Tick List
  9. Critique

    The site is built in a frameset so you dont have to reload the naivagtion everytime.These icons hep you navigate the main content frame. We think that using a frameset is more useful because if you print off some beta from our site youll see that it fits on your page without any navigation elements or advertising.
  10. Critique

    Zactly our thoughts. Need good people to make it good just like anything else.
  11. Critique

    To search ya gotta type something in the box. before you click search. If it stills says enter search in the orange box that error will show up. I want it to be as intuitive as possible so well work on this. Thanks
  12. Critique

    so too much info on the front page ya or no
  13. Critique

    The site has been up for just over a month Nov 1 was the launch date. FYI- you dont need to register to do a search or browse the site. Only to contribute to the guide, forum, and gallery. Pretty standard I think.
  14. Critique

    Hey anyone, everyone.. Would appreciate some good feedback on a climbing site. http://GetBeta.com - Need to know your gut reaction when you go there, explain why its good or bad and what if anything would get you to contribute to the guide or gallery. Greatly appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative). Thanks in advance