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  1. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    I am a resident of Squamish.. Im 18 and i am glad to say i was not involved in what happend with the 3 American Climber.. I first off would like to say Im sorry it happend..And i dont not Mind Americans, I work at the Local McDonalds and i we get alot of American visitors comming through there.. I also want to express my views on "AMERICA" , I dont like the government ( George W.Bush) but i know well enough not to take it out on Americans.. The Majority of Americans that come up here are EXTREMELY NICE, and very pleasent.. I have nothing against Americans. I also wanted to tell those three climbers that WIshing a "Happy 4th of July" to a large group of drunken Teens" was not a very good idea.......Happy Canada day would have been a better responce, and then maybe a Happy 4h of July... The teens took offence to it and any drunk person would probably do the same.. And i also want to point out that the RCMP is excellent in Squamish, however i do agree they should have done more to please the three American visitors.. And i think maybe the wise crack about "maybe we better bring a gun next time we come up here" didnt go to well with them....... Dont hold this against Squamish... I also would like to offer future visitors advice if they ever plan on comming up here.. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR CARE.. I know this from experience.. Have an alarm system or the apperance of one.. Avoid parking in shaded areas... If the three climber are reading this... I just want to say that what happend to you should not have happend.... That was the result of drinking... I hope you would take up our mayors offer and come visit again.. .. Thanks for your time..