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  1. Anybody going to Rainier this weekend? What routes?
  2. My Makalus Suck

    I had a pair of Makalus and they hurt my feet something fierce no matter what I tried. I then gave up and went to Cascade Crags and got fitted for some Technicas. I have not had a problem since. I don't think Cascade Crags carries Technicas anymore though. These guys were really great in fitting the boots too. I was there for an hour and a half while they worked with different sizes to make my wide feet comfortable. They told me that the Makalus were quite narrow, so I could have never solved the problem with them.
  3. Cascade Crags

    Those guys are great. The attention they gave me in fitting boots was terrific, especially since I had just walked in off the street. I highly recommend them.
  4. Sounds great, we would probably need someone with more experience as a mentor. Lets see what we can find. Regards, Kevin
  5. I am looking to join up with someone climbing Rainier. I am a beginner climber with limited experience on larger mountains. I have the gear and was even up to Muir with another group a couple weeks ago but rain and soggy snow put off a summit attempt. Hoping for another attempt this year. I am available to go June 21-22, June 28-29, or July 19-20. Anybody interested please PM. Thanks, PS, always looking for advice.
  6. Thanks for all the input and thoughts. I have met some people and things should work out. Regards
  7. Two novice climbers want to climb Rainier. We have the gear, have read the books, including Freedom of the Hills, and have been working to be in shape. We have experience only on smaller mountains. We are looking for partners with more experience to climb Rainier. Don't really want to do the RMI deal and hope it is not the only option. If anybody is interested, please respond. Thanks, Kevin