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  1. This has to be the most over-analyzed photo on this site. Y'all need to think about applying to grad school.

    shit man i have a (in the voice of the guy from npr) masters degree...in science!

    and speaking for all who have less hair than they did a decade ago...comb overs are BAD. pitty.gif don't go there!

  2. just looked at the snow gauge...32"!!! oh yeah, i'm feeling it now. friend was up yesterday and said they had 3-5' on the windloaded sides. if anyone is in los anchorage and looking for a ride this weekend i'm going.

  3. The Frontier in Anch.

    great place (to get hammered, get in fights etc.)...and when you get really drunk you can pee on your feet cause the urinal is on the floor. always laughed whenever i saw a a guy heading to the bathroom in sandles shocked.gif

  4. How in the world do you define the level you came in at? What you can top rope in the gym?

    yes i should have defined this better. there were not many gyms around when i started climbing so i didn't really take that into consideration. i think a better judge would be outdoor leading ability.


    And I don't know anyone who started out leading 5.10 off the bat, at least not trad....

    now you do.

    edited to add: that i would be lucky to send a 5.10 trad route these days

  5. wtf - don't even take food. Americans are the fattest people on earth. you can live for a day or two off your chub.


    i lost so much weight in china that i now have to eat a candybar just to walk across the street! ifin yer wantin to go light and fast i highly reccommend a headlamp...if it gets dark where you are. no reason to stop for a bivy in terrain suitable for night travel. and a 20' whipper is really exciting at night, both for the climber and the belayer watcher a light coming quickly towards him. also it's really great in a dimented/spooky kind of way when the headlamp falls off and drops for a few hundred meters. that's when the fun bivy begins!