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  1. Is the BOEALPS alpine class worth the time?

    Thanks for the insight. My dilema is I have climbed Adams(south easy route),and attempted Rainier Twice (DC and Emmons) turned back by bad weather. Each trip was with a very experienced climber who did teach me some of the basics. I would like to learn alot more. Rescue techniques,Protection,route finding,first aid,etc. I am comfortable with the elements but not comfortable with my mechanics. Not sure if I would be able to keep up with the Intermediate class. any thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  2. Permit for Enchantments

    Mattp, I was not debating rats potition on this I was stating to him my point. Ref rats reply. He did not understand my first point.
  3. Permit for Enchantments

    Rat, My first point. The logging Industry obviously is profiting from the logs they harvest off the land. In return for the profit they pay a substantial amount to the Gov't for Reforestation,rehabilitation, and preservation of the forest. These monies along with my tax dollars would be more than enough to support the maintanance of the lands IF the overmanaged Deforest Service cuts its Beauracratic top heavy Managment and their penchant for rediculous spending. You and I both know this will never happen. Instead they will charge us until we can't afford to go. Maybe this is why I have a hard time respecting the overpaid Mountain Meter MAIDS!!!!!!
  4. Permit for Enchantments

    Rat, Based on your argument The Corporations that are profiting from the logging, pay for the mitigations and the environmental preservation of these lands ,along with my tax dollars ,how much does the (deforest service require)? I beleive each one of the NEW FORD superduty crew cabs must set us back at least 9,000 permits. It seems to me the DFS is lacking direction in managing MY Forests(Paid for in taxes)
  5. Any graduates of this class? if so was it worth the time or should I look elsewhere? Thanks alot.
  6. weekend snowshoe hikes?

    Can you make it up the taylor river road far enough to get to bear lake? Thanks everyone for the great info.
  7. weekend snowshoe hikes?

    does that bring you back thru Keekwulee falls?
  8. weekend snowshoe hikes?

    Does anybody have a suggestion where to hike for a weekend off I-90. Challenging and scenic. Thanks