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  1. [TR] Harvey's Pup- Pup Buttress 7/22/2005

    Yeah, ok, it's not that bad... after the first pitch. It's more mossy and there are plenty of holds that don't look solid but turn out to be.
  2. Climb: Harvey's Pup-Pup Buttress Date of Climb: 7/22/2005 Trip Report: This will be my first trip report here on CC. I got some good beta on the route from some old posts so I though I'd return the favor. Overall it's an interesting climb with lots of adventure. The rock is not the best, actually it's pretty bad, but in the end it's a somewhat rewarding climb. Just a cool place to be. A couple of notes as far as beta goes: If you want to stash packs leave them at the big gully that you cross on the approach. This is where the descent meets the trail. We left ours out in the scree field below the peak and had to backtrack to get to them. Some people had said the the start isn't obvious but we found that not to be the case. There is an obvious pin sticking out of a crack about fifteen feet up. Can't miss it. Lastly, the section up through the headwall doesn't look very probable from below. We wasted some time looking around but in fact the route does go up the big nasty looking chimney system. Oh, and get an early start. The buttress. On the approach. The third class approach ramp. Racking up below the first pitch. The first pitch. Steep! Looking down from pitch two. Tom belaying out on the slabs. The headwall. The climb goes up the obvious dark chimney in the middle of the face. Tom starting up pitch four. And into the chimney. This section was just as difficult as the "crux" offwidth. Love those mossy offwidths! After the crux... no more pro for a while. Nice belay at the end of the long chimney. From the summit. Rapping into the notch. One of coolest rappels ever! (if there is such a thing) And again... And into the looooong chossy descent gully. Gear Notes: Brought two #3 camalot size, one #4, and a big hex. Used it all. Approach Notes: Straight forward.
  3. weighty issue

  4. Favorite PNW climbing area

    TMTD definately is the best climbing in the state...
  5. Favorite PNW climbing area

    'Mctech Arete' at the Bugs...
  6. My slideshow on my Mongolia trip, November 9th

    Ahh man, I have my Physics midterm the next day..
  7. Chuckanut Roof Project

    Distel, are you coming out on Thursday?? Afternoonish.. That thing needs to go down. This has gone on for far too long.
  8. Gear for sale

    I have a bit of gear for sale if anyone is interested... I don't do so much aid climbing anymore so I'm cleaning out the closet a little bit. PM me if interested in anything. Thanks - 1 set Metolius adjustable aiders (unused) - 1 set Yates 6-step aiders (excellent condition) - 1 pair LaSportiva Kaukulators size 40.5 (brown) - 1 BD Yosemite Hammer (good condition) + chisel for heads - 1 BD Talon hook (excellent condition) - 1 BD Cliffhanger hook (excellent condition) - 1 Leeper pointed "Logan" hook (excellent condition) - 1 Set offset Aliens (3) (black/blue, blue/green, green/yellow) (good condition) - BD angle pitons #1-4 (4) (excellent condition - 1 BD Pulley (excellent condition) - 2 Leeper cam hooks (1 narrow, 1 wide) (good condition) - 2 BD Knifeblade pitons (#3, #5) (unused) - 3 BD Lost Arrow pitons (#1, #2, #5) (excellent condition) - 2 Old school #1 Friends (very old but still usable) - 1 Metolius FCU #4 - 1 Metolius FCU #8 - 33 oval carabiners in varying states of abuse. Some are "like new", others are not...
  9. newhalem

    This is why I was jugging the line...
  10. For all the bouldering photo haters

    Here are some more of Distel flexing on rocks...
  11. Bellingham bouldering

    Gee Luke, yer fast... I thought you were supposed to hang with the woman tonight... playing on the computer instead!
  12. My new photography site

    Distel, Yeah I wish I could have made it to the TMTD... Can't wait for Smith though! I switched my shifts around for tomorrow so we can leave whenenver your ready! Kris
  13. My new photography site

    Thanks for the feedback, In response to: "The climbing pics need captions..." I'm working on putting captions on all images, this is just a start. "The ampersand..." I see what you mean! "Too many sunsets..." Hey, half of those are sunRISES... hehe "Make the "more pics" button in the thumbnail bar more prominent..." Yeah, I'll see if it can't get a little bigger. "no way to nav back to the previous set of thumbs..." As of right now you have to either refresh or re-click the nav buttons. Working on that one too. Thanks again for your feedback! Kris
  14. Check out my new photography site! Climbing, scenic, and travel photos... http://www.kristaylorphoto.com Any and all feedback is appreciated!