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  1. Quick Bugs TR

    some pics at http://www.scramble.org/mrp_climbing/TripReports/Bugaboo_030812/index.htm Excellent trip - thanks Mike & Rob
  2. Wonderland Trail?

    Well, I started the wonderland at Longmire heading north on Friday at 3pm when it was still pretty soggy from earlier rain. I turned back after 15mi for a net round trip of 30 mi. and about 9500 ft elevation gain. I was okay until I got past S. Puyallup to where the trail was overgrown and got completely drenched from wet shrubbery. My boots were full of water and I anticipated many more miles of the shrubery and broke mentally. The total effort was about equivalent to a spring trial I did comprising 3 consecutive laps on Mt. Si but I took a couple of hours longer moving time (~10hrs). In addition, I gave my bivy gear a test about 5mi from the car on the return at midnight and found it wanting. After an unsuccessful 2hrs of horizontal shaking time, I moseyed back to the car to nap before the drive home. Lessons learned: Pick a dry week - October is a little late in the year --> September next year Wear running shoes (I ended up going with boots) Splurge a little weight on bivy gear (I took about 8oz) Pick a little slightly slower pace on climbs to keep the cumulative fatigue down Rest a little every few hours rather than going until you start stumbling. I avoided stopping at all to keep from getting cold --> take an insulated shell jacket to bivy in and and to keep you warm during rest stops Train a little more, concentrating on stretching hips and hamstrings I'm a little dissapointed but I'm super psyched to try again next year.
  3. Wonderland Trail?

    Here's what I think I'll take: 25 Goo, 1lb halva, 6 snickers, a bag of goldfish and 1/2lb summer sausage. This should be about 8000 cal. I don't anticipate eating this much in two days but I'm leaving extra for a second bivy if necessary. Also, I could stand to loose a few pounds on this outing as well (~3500 cal/lb!). The rain is getting me worried though...
  4. Wonderland Trail?

    I'm planning to do the wonderland this weekend, starting 0-dark thirty on Saturday. I'm hoping to fit it into the weekend but I'm allowing for spillage into Monday. Since I won't be taking much in the way of bivy gear, I'll be very motivated. Do you want to coordinate in any way? ^^
  5. Fear issues

    There are a few things that I've found helpful especially with regards to longer or alpine rock routes. 1) Learn to assess your ability so that a unexpected fall is extremely rare 2) Habitually thump holds to test integrity 3) Learn to trust your gear placements by occasionally aid climbing 4) Focus on the moment, things you can control and your immediate neighborhood 5) Ditch partners who aren't okay with your climbing style
  6. Oldest summit register

    The Boston register is a big aluminum box put up there in the early 60's with original, high quality log book.