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  1. Liberty Ridge 5/28-6/2

    I say that because we saw them climbing up to the Thumb. They were 1/2 a day ahead of us and we turned around after an avalanche came down just to the west of the Ridge. I didn't even think about you seeing people ahead of you. The posting just seemed a little oblivious to the events from last week. As we were coming out of the park I did say to my partner, "Man, I hope nothing bad happend while we were away for 3 days". So, I guess it is possible not to have heard all of the hoopla. Congratulations on the climb ... I'm a little jealous.
  2. Liberty Ridge 5/28-6/2

    quote: Originally posted by Heinrich: The route is in prime condition right now. Are you serious? I guess you can thank the 3 people who perished on the route last week, they kicked the steps above the Thumb. [ 06-03-2002, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: Flat Lander ]
  3. Deaths on Rainier

    My buddy and I were on Liberty Ridge right behind the ill-fated climbing team. Just found a picture with me in the foreground and them in the background. I'll try and send it into the admin for posting. [ 06-03-2002, 11:34 AM: Message edited by: Flat Lander ]
  4. Deaths on Rainier

    BTW, how did the two women die? Was it the collapse of the snow cave or exposure? The news never said...
  5. Deaths on Rainier

    My buddy and I saw that group heading up to the Thumb on Sunday. And then on Monday we headed up the Carbon and were witness to a huge avalanche just to the west of the Liberty Ridge route. At that point we decided that with the storm coming in that night and the avalanch that we should turn around and save it for another day. We would have been right there behind them. Many times since hearing the tragic news have I imagined what might have happened. Let us all try and learn from the mistakes of those who come before us.