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  1. Spine Damage from Chest Harness?

    Great ideas and observations. I've always been a bit concerned about choking or being suffocated by the chest harness if knocked unconscious during a fall that leaves me hanging on the rope. I hadn't considered knocking out my teeth! While I don't plan to fall into a crevasse, sh*t happens when you're on the road less travelled.
  2. Spine Damage from Chest Harness?

    Paul, I don't quite follow your logic on that one. How could the middle climber end up upside down as you described?
  3. I need a tent

    I love my Bibler Eldorado. I'm 6-2 and have plenty of room. With a little digging around you can usually find a used one somewhere. Make sure you get the one with the vents in the apex of the tent, not the tube vents pictured above, they make a world of difference. Keep an eye out on the Bibler/Black Diamond website for closeouts, whatever choice you make. fyi, the Bibler recently stood up to winds that snapped a pole in a Stevenson and inverted a SD. The NF next to me survived, though, damnit.......
  4. Big BIG walls in PNW?

    Squamish http://www.cragx.com/articles/issue14/squamish/uni_wall.htm
  5. glue re-enforcment

    Keep that kind of talk up and folks will think you're a sport climber. It actually sounds like good training.....
  6. Fatality at City of Rocks

    Anybody have any more info on the fatality at City of Rocks on 5/27. Seattle climber Kim Espino suffered severe head injuries in a leader fall and died a short time later. Does anybody know which route she was on or if she was wearing a helmet?