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  1. Yeah .. two weekends, two major pieces of lost gear. 9.0 mm, 50m green/yellow rope left behind at Rotowall in Icicle Creek canyon on 5/10. Someone had picked it up by Sunday morning.
  2. Left digital camera on my car as I drove away from the Mailbox Peak TH. Canon Digital ELPH (PowerShot S230). I'm still fumed at myself for pulling such an assinine stunt. The camera was in a red neoprene sunglasses holder. A Komperdell anti-shock trekking pole was lost too, but I'm obviously more concerned about the camera. $50 reward for any kind soul who may have happened across it.
  3. Did Emmons this last weekend. Route was in great shape, I thought, and the weather was awesome to boot. We hopped over the 'shrund at 13,500' - it wasn't that bad. There was about a five foot high ledge we had to hop up with a 3' wide crevasse opening below. We just leaned across, planted a picket, and pulled ourselves up. On the way down, we just hopped down it (should have belayed - one member tweaked his ankle doing that - not a smart move at 13,500' on Rainier). The established boot track went up the Corrider then traversed back and forth between 11,500 and 13,500 until the 'shrund. If you veer left at the top of the Corridor (~11,300), you can go straight up a big bowl. Steep, but *very* direct. At top of bowl, go left around the two seracs to find the easier 'shrund crossing. On descent be very careful descending the bowl. Snow condition + slope aspect didn't lend itself to reliable ice axe arresting should you fall. The route *is* starting to open up more. Snow bridge just outside Shurman will most likely be gone by next weekend, and I punched through a snow bridge on the descent around 4:30P on the established route.