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  1. i saw that someone was looking for info that people might have on bouldering in leavenworth and goldbar. i have a lot of info that i would love to give you. e-mail me @ brentdedens@hotmail.com and we'll talk. i'd love to see a decent bouldering publication, one to match our bouldering! -brent
  2. carpenter? anyone?

    i'm an apprentice level carpenter in the seattle area. looking to see if any fellow climbers might be in a position to employ... i'm looking for a job, not some side work. if you are, let me know. brentdedens@hotmail.com
  3. carpenter? anyone?

    i'm a seattle area apprentice level carpenter wondering if there are any framers/remodelers looking to hire. if so you can contact me @ brentdedens@hotmail.com- here's to hoping...
  4. Restoration

    I think that scottharpell misunderstands me. I in no way condone or advocate bolting cracks- I also do not condone retrobolting bold trad leads. I have a number of 'R' and 'X' first ascents where I am from. I have also repeated quite a few of the others. I have pulled retro bolts out at one of the crags in which someone was trying to ease the runouts on some 25 year old classics and some newer lines. If I learned that any of the above mentioned routes had/have been bolted I would pay one of my friends or fly back there myself to pull the bolts.---- retrosaurus and willstrickland-come on guys-who said anything aboout squeeze jobs and filling up the crags to disperse the crowds? you guys are cute. Do any of the lines you are talking about really need to be done? give it a freaking rest! You argue to see your own print.----
  5. Restoration

    sorry, it looks as though i missed a substantial amount of chatter before i posted. you guys already answered my questions. as far as i'm concerned pull the bolts on retrobolted climbs- but first, make sure that the first ascentionist wasn't agreeable to the retro bolting. top-ropes do not count as lesitimate ascents, as far as i'm concerned. but people do need to be able to put up new lines. P.S. fuck Vantage!
  6. Restoration

    i'm curious to know what kind of drilling is acceptable and who is to really decide which bolts go and which bolts stay-are you guys the end all do all decision makers? who gave you that power? you are a pretty narrow lot when you consider the size of the entire climbing community.
  7. climbing

    hey you! go to the 'climbing partners' board and check out 'squamish 4/20'...
  8. squamish 4/20

    Is anyone going to squamish this weekend? I'm pretty new to the area (seattle) so I don't really have any partners yet. I haven't been up there yet, so I would be up for a fairly casual weekend, unless someone wants to hop on to the Grand Wall. I'd be up for bouldering, cragging-whatever...Or maybe someone would want to go to index and do Davis-Holland to Lovin' Arms, or Clay, or Godzilla to Slow Children, or Thin Fingers, or something...?
  9. the big one

    What are you guys talking about?