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  1. outerwear by marmot

    retro, pretty simple qs, only a simple answer is required, although your response was funny. just trying to save a few $ and i guess my inexperience showed. can you suggest something (shell pants for general mountaineering). this response oughto be good.....
  2. outerwear by marmot

    i tried a pair of the 3ply alpinist pant but they were too small to use on the climb(borrowed), and too $ for me to purchase. i wondered if the marmot 'guide' pant-2ply with full zip would be ok for durability ?
  3. eiger boots/ice axes

    scot'teryx, Do you have the la sportiva eigers or another brand called eiger ? Im just suprised that with the 'silicon impregnated leather' the water soaked the boots, which id exactly what im trying to avoid. If this is the case, what do you recommend to use to seal ?
  4. the quest for perfect alpine boots

    How about the la sportiva eigers ? they seem to be a great alpine boot for summer and spring on first impressions.
  5. eiger boots/ice axes

    Isnt the raven 'glued' only to the shaft ? someone mentioned the consequences if the came apart on a climb, and you were left without an axe head attached. i wonder how easy it is to self arrest with just a piece of straight metal in hand
  6. eiger boots/ice axes

    Does anyone have any oponions with the la sportiva eiger boot,grivel air tech ice axe (with the rubber handle or the blackdiamond raven ice axe ? any info is appreciated as i wish to buy some gear really soon for a trip.