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  1. Looking for a climbing partner for Vantage this Saturday or Sunday. I have a rack and rope.
  2. I'm looking for a partner. I have a rack and rope... I'm very familiar with the routes there...need to get out.
  3. Wonderland Trail?

    Hey if your into a thru trail to burn try the P.C.T. from Stevens to Snoqualmie. 71 miles is a little more reasonable with a pack of overnight gear. Three days and two nights. I just had a bud drop me off at Stevens and another friend pick me up at Snoqualmie Pass on Labor day. I did the Wonderland last year. Five nights out. Pretty casual. Would have done it in less time but could only stay at specific camps along the way. The guy doing it in three days was a trail runner. Mowich to Longmire, Longmire to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mowich. I guess he had a person drive his camping gear around to each place/night for him. Good way to go. 3 consecutive days of 30 miles/ day with size able elevation gain and a pack is too much for me unless there is a pot o' gold at the other end. Keep on truckin'!
  4. Rock Drill Equipment

    Do you still have the spare battery?