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  1. Quite a few skiers this past weekend. Suncups are evident but not big enough to swallow a VW Bug. Also provides a free structure tune for your bases... Once heat softened, it was great for getting some turns in late July. Enjoy
  2. Need to ski.... Nice images...makes me hate this hot weather and melting snow.
  3. The freeride is stronger as Mike said and as noted has a greater DIN, though heavier. Then why use it? For winter and spring, the extra beef of the binding is needed to power bigger, fatter boards for bigger, faster, more technical descents. Think go big, or go home For summer, and some spring or winter ski traverses, where the goal is not hard descents--save weight with smaller skis, and the titanal 2's or dynafti tourlites. Dynafits need a dedicated boot for attachment Decide if you are big, and enjoy gravity like me, or tall, skinny and work hard for traverses when you get your bindings. All said you could use any of the systems for all types of skiing, just not at a optimum application. Just be happy you're not using the super heavy Alpine Trekkers--really only good for hardcore descents and big air (since you get to keep your alpine bindings) and those with huge powerful legs to carry all that weight.
  4. Skis are the most versatile tool in the backcountry--from travel, traversing,releasing in an avalanche,etc. If you can ski all the terrain you want to tour, don't board. If you can't ski it, but feel comfortable on a board, then stick with the board. this means check out split boards for access. As for tele it is great, but they are not as efficient for touring, don't release in a slide and taking a deep knee turn with a heavy pack gets old quick. Plus side, two inches of fresh=face shots. Just my take. Good luck. Have Fun.
  5. Snoqualmie Pass closed until at least 10 pm tonight--see DOT web page Hole up and drink beer tonight. Best Pub Club ever???
  6. If you really want light there is a little six-inch tall tripod, but that is about as much as proppong the camera up on a rock, snow pack, etc. The "light" tripods are not ass sturdy as the heavier ones, and they gnerally break easily if you don't spend hundreds of dollars. Gitzo makes a carbon fiber=$$$$ ($600-$1,000) try to find this one used?? Boils down: If you really want a tripod I carry the weight...or I just make do propping the camera up on my available surroundings.
  7. Pro Ski Service is great for getting gear and information, with stores in Seattle and North Bend. As for internet telemark-pyrenees.com Still, no better way for cheap gear than pro-deals or industry contacts
  8. Not sure about this year but generally they just let the road melt out. Even after low snow levels last winter, you still couldn't drive all the way to the trailhead at the end of April. Check with the ranger station up there. They have been nice and courteous in the past in helping with questions.
  9. Hey everyone, here is the latest on Jim.....within the last hour doctors have helped Jim sit up and then STAND-UP!! Prognosis is he may be at the UW as early as Monday for rehabilitation. A for lingering effects it is still wait and see, but his news had just made more than my day. Thank you for all you support and keep willing the best for Jim in his recovery. I will keep letting you all know how things are going. -Chad
  10. Hey Loren, Thanks for the thoughts. At this time I have no idea if have any suggestions, since we are still in the wait and see mode of Jim's recovery. Only family can still visit as he is still in ICU. Someday I hope those who have expressed support for Jim and those who assisted at the scene can all get together, have a beer, and enjoy the fact that people do care about other people. Keep sending all you r good energy and as always thanks for all your support.
  11. UPDATE: Jim is now responding to verbal questions from doctors by nodding his head and when asked to hold up two fingers will do so. They are not yet allowing visitors but the news is the best thing I've heard in a while. Continue all your thoughts and support. We will update you with more info as we get it.
  12. I was the first to Jim at the Vantage accident on Sunday. As his friend and climbing partner One would expect to freak out when you find them unconscious and not breathing after a fall, but I went into auto mode. I have nearly ten years of first aid and rescue experience as a ski patroller, and am thankful for every minute of that experience and training to let me do my best for Jim. Others at the scene also had first aid experience that they put to use. Refelecting, I was probably the most calm and collected as I have been on any accident scene and emotions did not hit me until the med heli flew away. Jim got the best scenario of a terrible situation. I agree with many of the posts that if you have some training or experience, maybe just common sense, most people will get done the neccessary taks under stressful conditions and not fold until after the task at hand is done. Once again proof that the human body and mind is an amazing thing. I want to also thank all those who helped at the scene and all those whose thoughts and prayers are with my friend. All ther little things are coming together for a turn towards recovery, though he is still in the coma. Thanks for all of your support. -Chad
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