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  1. Anyone know JOEY?

    He'll be back posting under another name. He's not the most clever individual and he's always easy to spot with his new web identities.
  2. 4 Season tents 4 sale

    BEFORE sending this gentleman any money you might want to check out http://forums.backpacker.com/thread.jspa?messageID=520097񾾡
  3. Avy probes

    SOS sells cm marking tape that you can apply to any probe with no gaps. Put the tape on with the probe assembled and use a razor blade to cut the joins.
  4. First Aid Kits

    the most important thing in a first aid kit is the soft stuff between your ears. training, knowledge and the ability to rationally think through a problem are paramount. Providing assistance to the extent possible given materials, location and skill level and improve the situation without making anything worse is the goal. Imo, that warrants some discomfort on my part by carrying a full kit and not relying on others to carry something I or my party might need in the event it goes bad. take the gear that you feel comfortable with. I've had two accidents so I consider the weight well worth it. My minimum kit in my helmet is a quick bleed kit in a zip lock bag: 4 nitrile gloves, 6 4x4's, a roll of kling gauze and a tiny roll of tape. imo duct tape is nearly worthless for wounds and makes more of a mess in first aid than it's worth. it leaves residue all over the area which attracts dirt and getting it off without reopening a wound is tough. My main kit is 2.5 lbs and it goes with me on almost all trips. Improvisation is obviously important, but some things are easier to carry, imo. I don't personally believe in lightweight bper altoid type kits because the injuries one can get climbing are generally going to be more serious than a backpacker can get. I personally think MEC's empty kits are the best value. I've never seen a pre made kit that was cheaper than assembling the contents at a pharmacy and buying an empty kit. Galls.com is a good source for bulk first aid materials.
  5. WTB Cirque Works pack

    Looking for Cirque Works packs in a size Med anything 4000ci or smaller
  6. Wilderness EMT?

    You might also look into becoming a ski patroller. The approx 110 hour course is very cheap ($70) for the course and materials. You get a lot of hands on practice both in scenarios and in real situations. The course is a good start and mimics a lot of wemt. If you are interested check with your local hill now, as ski offs are typically in the spring followed by the course in the fall.