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  1. On 10/19/2019 at 9:12 AM, JasonG said:

    @G-spotter beat you to that one!

    It basically boils down to.... Booty being in the eye of the beholder


    What? I was answering the question and quoted the samplers. 

    BTW- remind me to write up a TR for an unreported FA of the east face of The Professor, Cashmere Crags (9-2004 -?).
    Dan and I climbed the main face right up the middle to summit blocks. 5-6 pitches at 5.10+ A1. Aid was only for about 6 inches when I thought I was stuck in the summit chimney....:cry::mistat:

    we called the route “why, i think it‘s booty”

  2. On 10/17/2019 at 4:15 PM, G-spotter said:

    Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure?

    Where is kevbone with that picture of Venus Williams' butt? Cause that was BOOTY

    Why I think its booty... booty.... that’s what it is....(-beastie boys sample ca. 1990s)

    I have friends that have/had entire racks composed of found gear. What’s funny is some of the gear was found at the base of crags or mountains.... :crosseye:

    Whatever one thinks, the longtime accepted method in the climbing world is: if you abandon gear whichever way it happens, then it’s abandoned and you chalk it up as experiencing an adventure or epic or keep it silent due to self embarrassment.  

    If you think it’s stealing, then that implies it was taken from private property. Last time I checked most crags and mountains are on public property. So I suppose you are stealing from the public domain when/if you collect found gear or really you’re stealing from the government overlords who control us.

    All hail the king and return your booty or be subjected to the 3 days in the public square pillory. (Insert appropriate emoticon here). 

    have a great day!

  3. Well shiet! My sincerest condolences to his family and close friends.

    I did not know him well but ChucK and I climbed one day together. I was late driving from Leavenworth to Index (not untypical back in my 20's) 
    We climbed a bunch of routes on LTW and then drove up to Static Point to climb "On Line" since I had never climbed it and always wanted to...

    ChucK led the first few pitches in one or two leads and I led the crux pitch. It was so bloody hot I could not stick to the slab so I moved over to "Off Line" and finished the slab on that route. It was amazing climbing with such a great human. I will never forget the day I climbed rocks with ChucK. I still want to climb "On Line" as I have yet to go back that giant slab.

    ChucK later told me it was one of the hottest day's ever in Seattle, the day we chose to climb Static Point in July of 2002 or 2003 or 2004? We both laughed and agreed it was worth it!

  4. I really am not proposing a connect-four trail of colored dots, only brainstorming a better way to help get a blind mouse thru a maze to the cheese....for christ's fuking sake you people blow me away all the time.


    PERKINS, you don't have a clue what your talking about, do you? I would only accuse the FS person of rape if it was you. I have nothing against using the forest/enchantments for enjoyment by cityfolk, locals or even the US ARMY. I just think people make bad choices and this website is a place to voice it in the climbing realm. Like BUG did about my buddy being a loud mouth. (AND thats right it was my choice to fess up about my friend.) Like I did about the dumbfuking dolt who decided in the middle of the fukin summer to "tidy up some routes" at one of the most popular crags for Seattle folks...(Don't see anyone claiming that mistake yet). YOU mr P are never welocome in my house, as long as I live where I do or anywhere else for that matter. why don't you just fukin ban me you piss-ant. I am sure you want to and probably will propose it in the supersecret moderator forum!


    OFF, I am sorry my friend blew up, the tequila did not slow us down, we enjoyed a route got down to the lake before 11pm via headlamps and then got separated. When we started and how my gut felt had nothing to do with my friend being loud. My buddy does not hold back his feelings so he voiced it. Obviously, anyone telling someone unhelpful advice should rethink the stupid advice...

    Yeah good idea, tell a pissed off person unhelpful advice.


    MT M, Next time I will cut the dumb fuking clothesline down and set it next to your tent.... IT is the wilderness, not a laundry mat.


    Mr Mo, I Kick cairns down all the time...especially on obvious trails, not like the crosscountry trail on asgard. there are no cairns on the colchuck lake cattle trails. only pretty little signs that you need a roadmap to find sometimes. I am not suggesting flashing lights, neon signs or such. What I am saying is the trail around Colchuck is obviously not the easiest to follow, especially when tired late in the evening and it needs to be improved.

    Sitting down and waiting for daylight... we did at one point, discuss...

    but, why shiver in the woods when you can stumble around yelling obscenities to scare the bejeezus out of people who bitch about every god damn thing known to man. AND yes I bitch too, because like all you wankers I believe this is still a somewhat free country.

    And at that I bid all you people a farewell. This site is so unbelievably riteous I can not seriously offer any more beta. I am sure many of you will give a shout of joy... one less ranting asshole with an overopionated arrogant attitude, now we call can sing and be peaceful little cascadeclimbers. Have fun, back questionable pro/raps up, watch out for falling rocks and NO MORE BOLTS NEXT TO CRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. get your bearings!!! get over it! take some time!

    what advice! perhaps the people who my buddy so rudely (and he admits he was wrong) encountered should have answered his bellowing about I can't find the fuking trail...with: I will show you or it is that way and take a right... NOT with: it is not this way.


    and perhaps, people should camp in designated campgrounds around the lake, not in bivies very near the trail on the point of the lake. ALSO, why do people put clotheslines up very near the trail...kinda hard to see when looking for the trail too. fortunately, for those peeps sake, we all saw the line before it was too late.

  6. you want to talk ugly mr perkins..

    what about the dumb ass trail signs or toilet signs or camp signs? do you really think that a small (perhaps one inch dot) would be complained about in a mazey place like around the forested lakes....?

    I guess you have never been lost in a well-traveled area... worshippy.gif


    Furthermore, look how much time they waste piling rocks up to like a tower of babel on the asgard trail... I think they have time to paint a orange or green or turquois circle.

  7. yes, the unfortunate thing is lance is a tdf snob. still does not diminish the fact that he won 7 in a row. will be a record for years to come.


    yeah, for at least 7 years. cantfocus.gif

    I do not think anyone currently riding pro is in the same league as lance. this record will go on for many years...

    oh, what do i care anywayS hahaha.gif

  8. ron, I was just curious. all icicle canyon land acquisitions affect all of us users of the canyon... the bottom line is the icicle is unique and should not be compromised by private property. I think mr MO has a great idea... I will manage this fund with your help... please send me money now. I will treat it just like the forest circus does with their forest management money. yellaf.gif

    seriously, I do not have the time to create such a organization... maybe a freind of ours should do it. sure would tighten that person up, don't you think???

  9. I know who it was...they told me the story...but, it was only 1130pm not 115am...as the loudmouth jerk you speak of was far from colchuck by 2am.


    besides the trail around colchuck is a maze in places... thanks to the combo of shitter trails, camp trails, deer trails, new trails around fallin trees, trails to illegal bivies, the main trail and the worst fisherperson trails...

    bug, did you think that perhaps you were camped on the trail and this confused said "jerk"???


    also, perhaps said person was delerious from a neardeath experience and he was hallucinating thinking you were evil and the turrets exposed itself without the person even knowing what was going on.....


    Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, on the other hand, I apologize for my friend's disfunction, he is working on it. I assume the rest of the night was peaceful....such a great place to camp, especially with a lady.....




    WHY doesn't the Forest Circus provide easy to follow MAIN trail markings like colored dots...I hear it works nice in canada and I remember Fountainbleau had this system for the boulder circuits. Perhaps they are tooo busy wasting our trailfee money on keeping the mainroad washboard free or paving bridges....or upgrading their computer systems. The real problem is the shitty management of our land.