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  1. July 24th- Loaned my Black Diamond Raven to a friend so he could make the climb. Made the summit but, on the way down (somewhere near the inter glacier) he left it behind. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PICKED IT UP. THANKS
  2. Found Sunday July 24th on Emmons. PM with details to claim.
  3. White Nike sunvisor. Came of pack somewhere between N. Puyallup and Mowich Lake
  4. Mt Heardwear High Mountain 60. And Thermarest Ultralite 3/4. Both used 4-6 times and in great shape. No holes, rips, tears or stains. $35 each High Mountain 60 link: http://www.summithut.com/catalog/product.asp?pfid=2443
  5. nope. I still have both pads
  6. Shipping- $6. Total $41
  7. I have a pair of Boreal Diablo's size 10.5 that are killing my 11.5 size feet. Anybody have any 11 or 11.5 shoes in good shape you wanna trade. Im near UW if you want to try em on. Can send photos if you need....
  8. I just wanted to thank the person that returned their Gregory Denali Pro to the Seattle REI. I bought it yesterday for over half off. This morning I laced up my new boots (La Sportiva Trango's) and headed to Tiger's cable route. Before leaving, I feed the Denali Pro 40lbs of water...she didnt even burp. When I got the the trail and put the pack on.....she laughed at me. Up and down with no problem. This pack could have easily taken twice the weight. I've been wanting a huge pack that could handle tons of weight. I think I found her. So again....my hats off to the old owner. Hope you're enjoying your trade in.
  9. Where could I find some GPS coordinates for Climbs on Baker? Looking at Squak or Colemen / Demming?
  10. Baker conditions

    Anyone been up the Coleman Deming route latley? What kind of conditions did you encouter? Planning on going this coming weekend.
  11. Half Mummy

    Feathered Friends has a half bag as well (Viero). I got mine with 2 extra ounces of fill. Use it with my Volant jacket and hood wherever I go. Keeps me warm into the 20's.
  12. Rope for Glacier Travel

    I use an 8mm with 5.5mm prussiks.
  13. mountainering packs

    Does anyone know if any of the shops in/near Seattle carry these? I've already spent some time looking and didn't see them (I'm currently favoring the Osprey Aether 60). Call Jim Nelson at Pro Mountain Sports (on University Way). I've seen those packs in his store before
  14. Snipped out of my pack by a 50mph gust. We were on the S. side route but the wind carried it to the west in no time.
  15. hanging stoves

    Sounds like a good system. Do you have a photo of your set-up?
  16. garuda seattle made tent

    This is a damn good tent. I have slept in one on Rainier in wind gusts of 70MPH. Other tents collapsed and one was even plucked off the Mtn. The built in vestibule is great.
  17. I'm selling my Marmot Pinnacle 15 degree down bag. Size regular, right zip. Used only 4 nights (always with a silk liner). I love this bag but considering I have only used it 4 nights in the 3 years that I’ve had it…….I want to pass it on to someone that will get some use out of it. Comes with the Marmot stuff sack, and the Marmot cotton storage bag (which it has always been stored in). The bag looks, feels, smells and probably tastes brand new. No rips, tears, stains to speak of. Stored in closet in a non-smoker home. Check out the reviews below. Retailed for $299 when I bought it (now goes for more) Selling for $175. http://outdoorreview.com/Backpacking,Camping,Hiking/Sleeping,Bags/Marmot,Pinnacle/PRD_76825_2956crx.aspx#reviews
  18. Post deleted by kweb
  19. WTB: Bike Trainer *DELETED*

  20. Great recovery drink

    Supergo is a huge bike shop located in the U District. Take the NE 45th exit and head East. Its accross from the Seattle Mac Store on 45th and 9th
  21. Pack is about 2yrs old. I bought it to carry my board but ended up using my climbing pack instead. Just used it around town. In great condition. $50 http://www.backpackreviews.com/dakinehelipropackcuin.htm
  22. Hood-South side climb

    How was it?? Im heading up Saturday.
  23. These gloves have only been worn 3 times. Still in new condition. Black size Large. Comes with liners. Half off original cost. More glove then I need. http://www.orgear.com/cgi-bin/hazel.cgi?action=serve&item=products/handwear/waterproof/pro_ice_gloves.html
  24. FS: OR Pro Ice Gloves $125

    What'cha gonna do with a kitchen appliance up on a mountian?