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  1. Hilleberg Nallo 2

    Does anyone have/know of the Hilleberg Nallo 2 tent? I am looking into getting a sturdy 2 person, 4 season tent for mountaineering. Anyone has suggestions? Dave
  2. Thanks to all the chaps who responded. I have never had a frameless pack. I understand some alpine packs are frameless and can be quite big (5000cc). Is not having a frame a problem, carrying all that stuff? On a side note, I have mountain hardwear 3rd dimension. It is solid as a rock in any condition but very bulky. Anyone also own a bulky synthetic and want to share some tips on packing for a multi-day trip?
  3. mountainering packs

    Hey all, I am getting into mountaineering after years of rock climbing and backpacking. I have an old Lowe Alpine internal frame that's pretty bulky and heavy. I am thinking about getting something specific for moutaineering, one that has crampon attachment points and tool tubes. Any favorites? DAve